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5 Tips to Overcome Negativity and Developed a Positive Mindset

5 Tips to Overcome Negativity and Developed a Positive Mindset

"What is your superpower?"

The question was asked to at our department's yearly off site meeting and each person is to write their super power on a large index card placed in front of them.  A conversation starter and jumpstart to the day all rolled in one.  I hesitate for a minute before writing proudly on my card, "positive energy".  Later when we share our cards with those sitting around us everyone nods enthusiastically in agreement when I share mine.  "Yep, that's definitely you".

I've become well known for always finding the silver lining to any situation.  Didn't get the job you were hoping for?  It was going to be a longer commute and the work wasn't really all that interesting anyways.  Not going to get to dream house you thought was perfect?  I promise it's because something better is going to come along.  Running Injury?  This is the perfect time to cross train and work on strength!

I enjoy finding the good in every situation no matter how bad it might seem up front.  I've been doing it so long that it comes as second nature.  But for anyone out there struggling to make positive energy a daily part of your day I'm here to tell you if I can do it you can to.  And quite honestly it didn't happen on as directly as you might think.

So here's my secret.  I developed this skill as a coping mechanism, to avoid embarrassment for "failing" at things.  {I'm ok with failing these days}.  I didn't want to tell anyone that I had taken a risk and it didn't work out in the "ideal" way.  It started by accident, twisting any situation into a positive so that when someone would ask I wouldn't have to say, "I failed".  I now know that it's ok to fail, it's ok to take chances and not hit the mark.  

I know what you're thinking though.  What can you do to start making this change in your own life?  Here are the top 5 things I still do day to day to help me maintain a positive outlook.

1. Write it down 

Something as simple as "Chose positive energy" written on a post-it note at your desk or somewhere you look every day.  When you're adopting a new habit it's not going to come second nature so help yourself out and give yourself written reminders

2. Set reminders

We all get busy and carried away with the chaos of day to day life.  The one thing that always stays constant? Your cell phone.  So put it to good use and set yourself a reminder for a time of day you know you need a little pick me up.  

3. Wear it on your sleeve

Ahem, I mean wrist.  There is a reason I have an embarrassingly large collection of Momentum Wraps.  When the post-it note and phone reminder plan just aren't enough I can glance down at my wrist and get a little nod of encouragement.  

3. Buddy Up

Think of it as a workout accountability partner for your mindset.  It can be hard to try to make any  changes all on your own its great to have support of others. It's even better when you can lift someone else up while they do the same for you.  Maybe you can't find the positive in your own situations but you can easily find it in others.  Having someone you can lean on who can help turn things around makes a huge difference.  {If you need 

4. Practice Yoga

Not only is this a great workout which can release some of that negative energy, but the focus is always on positive energy and what can be accomplished.  On the hardest days, it takes someone else's mantra or someone else telling me to let go of what doesn't serve me to move on from negative energy.

5. Start fresh every day.

This one is the most important.  No one is perfect every day.  We are human, we slip up, we forget, we get caught up and before we know it we think we are tackling an impossible task because one day didn't go as planned.  Let that go.  Every day is new beginning, a new chance to try again.

Do you have any other helpful tips for letting go of negative energy and having a positive mindset?  Leave a comment & let me know!

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