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Ditch the Diet and Focus on Strength Gains

Ditch the Diet and Focus on Strength Gains

Everywhere we go we are bombarded with images of what our bodies are "supposed" to look like.  "Lean" or "toned" and so many diet tricks to help get us get there.  I spent many years with a negative body image and a poor relationship with food.  All of that changed when I started a) having F-U-N with my exercise routine and b) say the H E CK with what I looked like and focused on getting stronger instead of skinnier. 

Here are 5 of my main reasons why you need to ditch the diet and start focusing on strength in the gym and overall health instead of a dress size. 

1. Quicker results = more motivation.

Nothing is more discouraging than plugging away at something and not seeing results.  Most people are ok with hard work.  Most people are also not ok with hard work for little to no return on investment.  Setting your sights on a skinnier waist or a bigger butt doesn't always comes with a distinct deadline.  Practice your pushups every single day, and you can quickly progress from 2 to 5 to 10 to 20.  

2. Lifestyle, not a diet.

Nothing gave me a more distorted view of nutrition and messed up my view of food quite like the idea of going on a diet.  I'm not just talking calorie restriction, although I've done that {Loose-it App, stop sending me emails.} but even the idea that there is "good" food and "bad.  

Not only is this mentality bad for your body it's bad for your mind.  And it's difficult to sustain over a long period of time.  There is no place in my life for restriction and I don't mean that so I can sit around and eat cake and wine.  I say that because I want to be a healthy person for the long term.  

Could I get really "shredded" abs if I put in months and months of dieting?  Sure I probably could.  Is it worth the long term damage to my body and it is sustainable long term.  Absolutely not.  

3. Easier to tailor to YOU.

I know you've heard it before but ill say it again.  GENETICS.  They play a huge, if not the largest role in determining how your body looks, acts and reacts to training, including training for muscle hypertrophy {muscle growth}.

You could be picking a goal that genetically is not workable for you.  Big butts are so trendy right now, but your body may not be build for that shape.  Sure you can do tons of isolation exercises and have the right programing for muscle growth but it might not happen.  However I guarantee that if you could go to the gym today and find out the max weight you can squat and set a realistic goal for how to improve upon that.  

4. It applies to real life.

Getting stronger is bad ass and it goes far beyond the gym.   

Stronger core means better balance, which means more coordination.  A stronger back creates better posture, less back problems.  Stronger arms and shoulders mean being able to lift all the things.  {Um, hello any grocery martyrs out there?  Must take all the bags in on one trip?}

We sit and lounge and relax so much these days we forget our bodies are built for movement.  Getting stronger in the gym means creating an overall more healthy body, there is no downside to that.

5. Results cannot be manipulated.

This is going to sound so naive, I get it.  But I know there is someone else out there who had thought the same thing so I must share.  I will NEVER forget the moment I realized that the "toned" bodies I envied were photoshopped, created with angles and the right lighting, or a result of PED's or other questionable supplements.  I used to take progress picture after progress picture and wonder why I wasn't seeing any dramatic results.  Newsflash, I didn't need any dramatic results.   The only thing you should compare yourself to is yourself.

At the end of the day I can't photoshop how much weight I can lift.  I can't fake how fast I can run with a good camera angle.  I am finally on a path where I am seeing progress and proud of the work I put in.  

Oh yea and after about two years of not giving a crap about what my pant size is or how many inches my waist is, I actually like the way my body looks more than ever.

While were on the topic of getting stronger - be sure to check out Get Strong Run Faster my new strength training program developed specifically for runners.

What are your thoughts?  Should we ditch the dieting and move our focus to getting stronger?  

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