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TIEM Cycling Shoes

TIEM Cycling Shoes

I'll never forget the first time I set foot in a running store back in 2006 and was told that it didn't matter what the shoes looked like as long as they were comfortable.  Function over fashion.  Let's be real ladies, we all know that's a hard pill to swallow.  Why can't I have both?  Luckily running shoes have come a long way in 11 years.  Spin shoes however, to my disappointment were not catching up as fast.  And then I found TIEM.  These shoes are as stylish as they are functional and get me even more excited to get to spin class.  Every time.   

How they work.
Designed to emulate a traditional sneaker, you won't even notice these are spin shoes if you're not looking hard enough.  Each shoe has a recessed channel in the underside of the sole to attach SPD cleats {sold separately but available on their website}  This means not only can you wear them off the bike without feeling like you're doing a tap dancing routine BUT bonus points you're whole outfit isn't ruined by clunky spin shoes.  I get it, I'm being a bit of a diva about how I look when all I'm going to do is sweat.  But if my outfit looks good I feel good. And when I feel good I work harder.  So, it really DOES matter.    

The cleats are SUPER easy to attach to the sole of the shoe, in fact I put them together in about 15 minutes before class.  


How they Fit
Ok so they look good.  Check.  Do they feel good?
Make sure to take note of all the fit guidelines on the website before ordering.  TIEMs run large so order a half size down from your normal shoe size.  They are a little snug to get on at first and the strap doesn't offer a ton of adjustability — but once on they are really comfortable.

How they Ride
Clipping in to the bike is super simple.  I was initially worried that the recessed cleat would be make it more difficult to clip in to the pedal on the bike.  Turns out it's actually easier.  The shoes are so light that I don't even notice them and I can just focus on my ride.  Not only are they comfortable, but breathable as well.  Again I just wish the strap could adjust a little tighter but overall they fit snug, keep my foot in place and let me get the most out of my ride.  

What spin instructors really think.
All of this is just the humble opinion of a recreational indoor cycler.  But what does a real spin instructor {not to mention an accomplished triathlete and Ironman finisher} have to say about these shoes?  Carline Rindt, a spin instructor at Baltimore's own REV Cycle Studio regularly pairs her chic high waisted tights & crop tops with TIEM's to pull off a totally polished look.  "Love how they look.  Super Trendy!" she says.  "Perfect for to and from class without having to drag along extra shoes."  When asked what she would do to improve them even further, "Wish the straps were sturdier and the sole a bit stiffer."  

These shoes are a real win for even level of indoor cycler.  Hey even beginners can look trendy.

If you are as smitten with these sneaks as I am — you're going to want to get your feet on a pair ASAP.  And because I love saving money almost as much as I love a good sweat — I'm hooking you up with this exclusive link for $10 off your purchase.  The only problem now is what color do you choose?  

IMG_2253 (1).jpg

Are you a spin junkie or do you toss into your routine every now and then?  Have you tried TIEM?  What's your favorite color? [hint - mine is all of them] 


Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of TIEM cycling shoes in exchange for a review.  However all thoughts & opinions are my own.  

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