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Unleash Your Inner Rockstar - POUND® fitness at The Movement Lab

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar - POUND® fitness at The Movement Lab

What if I told you there was a class that played bomb ass music, where you would jump and lunge and squat, all while basically air drumming and get the most amazing workout?  "Sounds like my kind of workout and I'll try anything at least once." was my answer when I was asked this very question.  And that is how I ended up on The Movement Lab in Remington on a rainy Tuesday night about to take a class called POUND®.

The concept was brought to life when recreational drummers and former athletes Kirsten Potenza and Christina Peerernboom set out to practice their skills away from their kits. What they found was the total body movement of air-drumming was actually a pretty killer workout.  We're not talking a light tap here and there, we're talking all-out-full-body-feeling-the-rythm drumming.  POUND® is fitness class yes, but its important to note the music and movement come first.  Torching calories and toning muscle is an added benefit of getting lost in the music and unleashing your "inner rockstar".

You may be thinking, "This is weird and looks funny, why would I want to sign up for this," and if you are, I beg you to have an open mind and give this a try before you judge.  While I admit I was initially a bit skeptical — one class was enough to change my mind.  And I say this as a  somewhat choreographically challenged individual.  {I have a good enough sense of rythm but it takes me a few rounds to pick up on choreography}

“There are no mistakes — just drum solos.”
— Meredith Walter

Walking into the expansive space that is The Movement Lab, there was definitely a "What have I gotten myself into" moment.  That feeling dissipated the moment Meredith Walter, resident POUND® Pro, greeted me with a huge smile and a pair of bright green RipStix®  


Meredith gives a great intro for the layout of the class.  What to expect from the music to the moves, what's important for good form and how to modify for your own needs.  {keep your chest up & don't haunch over, don't feel like you have to hit the floor if you aren't that flexible - just do you}  "There are no mistakes, just drum solos" was the part that ultimately put me at ease.  I would probably mess up and that was ok. 

The format is similar to Zumba class with each song or "track" having it's own choreography with a tiny break in between.  Not super comforting to me because I have also never taken Zumba. {brb going to add that to my list of things I need to try}

Each track is pre-choreographed and put into data base with new songs being released each month.  Instructors can then select which tracks to blend into a playlist to put their own spin on things.  

The choreography follows the flow of the music, starting slower with and building with the beat until you hit the crescendo.  From squatting to David Guetta's Hey Mama, lunging to Soulja Boy's Crank Than, to russian twisting to Paramore's Crushcrushcrush, every muscle will get worked and your heart rate will rise. 

As silly as I might have felt at times, this class was one of the best hamstrings and glute workouts I have had in a long time.  It was also great for core, obliques and lower back.  There is also something epicly satisfying about the crack of slamming those ripstix together. 

Know before you go: Bring your own mat and be prepared to give it quite a pound-ing.  Unlike most fitness classes where you sit/stand ON the mat for POUND you stand behind or straddle the mat so you can strike it with your sticks.  Highly reccomend do not bring that uber expensive lulu or Manduka you just splurged on, save that for sweaty Yoga.  Also you won't leave super sweaty {which is great if you want to pop downstairs to R. House after working up an appetite}

Meredith teaches POUND® at The Movement Lab in Remington Tuesday's at 6pm.  Check out her out on Instagram or her website {go give her a follow}

What's the most off-the wall fitness class you've ever tried?  Leave a comment & let me know!

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