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Embrace Your Flaws and Learn to Love Yourself

Embrace Your Flaws and Learn to Love Yourself

Being you is what makes you unique.  No one else is you, that’s your strength.

A few moths ago I reconnected with an old college friend over lunch.  Actually we reconnected when I read a recent blog post of hers {check her out here!about balance.  Yea I know, my favorite subject...

Despite having great jobs, home lives, supportive families and relationships we both admitted something felt... off.  We both struggle to leave work stress at the office and to take time to care for ourselves.  It's hard to admit because it feels selfish, but these these things ARE important.  So we made a pact to be each other's accountability partner.  It's like having a support group for working out, but for life in general.  {We also remind each other to work out though.}

When I'm feeling really down on myself or frustrated, instead of complaining or sulking in my negativity I shoot her a text.  It could be as simple as, "Really did a terrible job leaving work at the office the past few days.  Starting fresh tomorrow!"  Just knowing that it's ok to have set backs and we're in this together is helpful.  Sometimes we text little wins or positive things too like, "Went to the gym twice this week!" because sometimes you just need to celebrate those little things.

A few weeks ago she texted me the above quote.  It resonated with me so hard that I instantly made it the background on my phone.  There are many things about myself that I have spent a lot of years trying to change.  Not because I was unhappy with myself but because someone else told me to.  Or because someone else didn't understand me {or take the time to even try} and I thought the only answer was to become more like them.  And once someone pointed out these things to be, I DID start to become unhappy with myself.

I was unhappy because these things are part of my personality and on some level they aren't ever going to go away.  And instead of standing proud and embracing who I am I tried to change.  I tried to change into something that I thought would, "be more successful" or, "get ahead in life faster."

Today I call bullshit.  I have had enough.

I overthink everything.  I don't always follow the rules and I come up with weird and untraditional ideas.  I LOVE being positive and focusing on what was accomplished and HATE when only the negative gets pointed out.  I'm stubborn which isn't the best quality but it keeps me from quitting and it keeps me from letting other people talk me out of what I believe in.  I am EMOTIONAL.  You guys I have So.  Many.  Feels.  And it makes me caring, and compassionate, and understanding and it's not a sign of weakness.

Being you is what makes you unique.  No one else is you, that's your strength.  So choose today as the day you're going to embrace all your "flaws" instead of trying to burry them.

Leave a comment & let me know, is there something you've previously thought was a flaw that is actually what makes you amazing?

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