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9Round Kickboxing Fitness Review - SLF Fitness Adventures

9Round Kickboxing Fitness Review - SLF Fitness Adventures

*9Round Canton Baltimore location has since closed - however this brand still operates other locations farther outside the DMV area

"Be stubborn about your goals.  Be flexible with how you achieve them"

People who achieve goals have a unique trait that sets them apart from people who easily give up.  When things don't go as planned they reevaluate the plan and change the course if necessary.  When I laid this plan out three weeks ago I had a slightly different vision than how it's been panning out.  So I've reassessed and changed my plan a bit, but the end goal remains the same.


Incase you want to catch up:
Week one I clipped in and got sweaty at Rev Cycle Studio's newest location in Brewer's Hill.  Week two I switched gears for some hot yoga and tried my first ever barre class at Mpower Yoga.

And here's when things started getting tricky.  Being new to barre there were a lot of things my body wasn't used to, which left me SUPER sore, especially in my quads for a few days after.  I was not expecting this and had already planned out my next week of workouts.  Some rescheduling was in order.  Some quality time with my TP Therapy stick roller was ALSO in order.

Instead of letting my discouragement get the better of me, I switched my plans and signed up for a free class at a place called 9Round - 30 minute kickboxing fitness.  9Round is a kickboxing fitness class that takes you through 9 rounds of exercises

First impressions
I walked in just as they were opening for the day and was the first to arrive which was slightly intimidating.  Luckily people started flowing in shortly after and the placed was full by the time I was through a few rounds.  Ken, the owner, was super nice and had me fill out a quick waiver including my fitness level and goals.  I went with "intermediate" and "gain strength".

Ease of signing up online/ Classes that fit my schedule
This may be hard to get used to but at 9Round, there are NO classes.  Yes that's right, you don't have to sign up, sign in, or worry about being 5 minutes late ever again.  Show up as it fits your schedule, and jump into an open station to start your workout.  Rotation through the stations and when you've completed all 9 you're done.  It sounds easy but trust me the workouts are HARD.

Price - $
Visit their website and sign up to get your first workout free.  I am always a big fan of free trials because classes are expensive and I'm not made of money.  Drop in classes will run you  $10 and a monthly membership is around $80.  At first glance this might seem expensive but if you break it down to let's say 3 classes a week it's only $7 per class.  They are able to keep prices lower by only offering the necessities.  No fancy locker rooms or spa showers here.

How it works
9 rounds, 3 minutes each round.  Each station has the workout written on a white board on the wall so if you can dive right in.  The rounds are timed with lights on the back wall of the gym.  Green = round starts, Yellow = 30 seconds left, Red = round over.

When you sign up as a member you get a pair of 9Round gloves, wrist wraps, and a heart rate monitor so your instructor can make sure you're working just the right amount.  I had my own gloves and didn't have a heart rate monitor for my first class but was pretty good at monitoring myself and Ken came over to check on me at least once every round.

Here's the breakdown of my workout:

round 1 -Jump rope 3 minutes
round 2 - Squats with a kick holding a kettle bell
round 3 - Jab cross x10, 10 mountain climbers
round 4 - 5 found kick each leg, 5 sit ups with a punch {loved this}
round 5 - Upper cut x20 + 5 squat jumps
round 6 - Side kicks 5 each side + 20 hooks {loved this}
round 7 - Shin kicks + 5 push ups
round 8 - Speed bag 10 each side + 1 burpee
round 9 - 20 flutter kicks 20 supermans

Final Thoughts
One of my first comments when it was all over was, "That was hard.  And also hard.  And also I loved it."  And what Ken said to me was interesting because he said, "That's because you pushed yourself.  You could have gone out there and taken it easy but you didn't."  And it's true, I really pushed myself because I don't know another way.  I pushed through every single station to do as much as I could because I didn't realize taking a break or not doing your best was even an option.

In all honesty the hardest thing I did was the first three minutes of jumping rope.  I made it through, but going from cold to cardio in a matter of seconds was a little hard on my body.  I would have preferred to start with something a little slower in pace and then done the jump rope maybe 3 or 4 stations in.

My goal has been to get out of my boring fitness routine and try new things.  This definitely fit all my criteria of being close, convenient, beginner friendly, and FUN.  Bonus that you can get in and out in 30 minutes.

Are you a fan of kickboxing fitness?  Have you tried 9Round or would you if it was available in your city?

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MEGAFit Baltimore

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Embrace Your Flaws and Learn to Love Yourself