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CorCycle Studio Downtown Baltimore Review - SLF Fitness Adventures

CorCycle Studio Downtown Baltimore Review - SLF Fitness Adventures

Indoor cycling is quickly becoming my go-to for a combo of cardio & HIIT {high intensity interval training} so when I came across CorCycle Studio I immediately put them on my must-try list.  August was a jam packed month with work and a nice little vacation to Vermont but once vacation was over I was happy to have this on my calendar to get back on track.

First Impressions:
CorCycle Studio is located in downtown Baltimore on S. Charles street, only a few blocks away from the Inner Harbor.  A great location if you ask me and a great opportunity for me to get into the city, which I rarely do.  They validate parking for a garage very close by so getting to the studio after work was not a problem.

The studio space itself is intimate without being crowded.  If you've ever taken a class in a studio so packed that you feel like you were literally on top of the person next to you, you will understand my appreciation for well spaced bikes.  CorCycle wins major points for their studio room layout.  I also cannot get enough of how personable and welcoming the entire staff is.  You know when you walk in you're not walking into some big box gym or chain of studios.

Price - $$
You can buy packages of 5, 10 or 20 which will run you $17, $16, or $15 respectively.  If you're a spin junkie and love a good deal get the unlimited package for $89 a month.  Two classes a week with this package means only $11 a class!  Not ready to commit & just want to try it out?  A single drop in class is going to cost you $21 BUT if you're a Baltimore resident you do get one week FREE so highly recommend taking advantage of that.  You can also find them on ClassPass if you have a membership.

Want to try spin shoes but aren't ready to commit to buying them?  CorCycle will let you use a pair for class which is a great way to give them a try.  Not sure where to park downtown?  CorCycle validates {at a discounted rate} parking at a garage close by.  They also have lockers big enough to store your gym bag & street shoes, not to mention showers incase you need to dash out for drinks after class.

Variety of classes / class times that fit my schedule:
David the owner of CorCycle Studio was great at suggesting classes/ instructors that I might like based on my past experience / skill level.  As far as actual class times I feel like the schedule was created with the full time workforce in mind - most evening classes start at 6pm or 7pm.  This means plenty of time to get to class from work without having to leave ridiculously early.  Also morning classes at 7am?  Created for people like me who want to be a morning person but the idea of being awake before 6am is just painful.

So how many spin classes is too many classes to do in one week?  Well I wanted to get the most out of my free week so I picked three, and made sure they were not on back to back days.  I would say any more classes than that and your legs are going to probably going to hate you.

So let's get into the classes & instructors shall we?

Monday 6pm with Tracy
"Hard work means you would stop if I weren't sitting here.  Are you working that hard?"

First of all, I love any instructor who takes time to welcome and help out any newbies to class.  Tracy started off her class with a great explanation of bike set up which was awesome and even gave me some pointers I didn't already know.

Second, she had a great mix of music and super high energy teaching style while also being relatable. She makes you want to work hard in a we're-all-friends-doing-this-together kind of way, versus a I'm-a-drill-sergent-do-what-I-say kind of way.  Don't get me wrong she will absolutely make you work hard but she does it in a way that makes you feel so damn good about yourself you'll want to keep coming back for more.

You will love her class if: You are a little intimidated by the idea of trying indoor cycling and want a class that you know you will feel comfortable in.

{also if you are new to spin - check out my 5 Tips for Beginners }

Wednesday 6:30pm with Will
The music is LOUD and the energy is HIGH so be prepared to bring it if you show up to this class.

My favorite part of this class was a mid ride standing climb to an insane beat with heavy resistance under our feet.  Will had us leaning into it with our whole body weight, left and right to the beat of the music.  At that moment I wasn't really exercising, I was at a party dancing along to the beat.  He also kills it with the lights in the studio really making you feel like it's one big party.

You will love his class if:  You love the idea of feeling like you're at one big party instead of actually working out.

Friday 7am with Rachel
If you know me, you know I am NOT a morning person.  However Rachel happens to be a coworker of mine and coincidentally is how I found out about CorCycle in the first place.  So I had to give her class a try.

First of all Rachel's playlist was a mix of some of my current favorite songs, plus some excellent throwbacks.  Second her ride is non-stop movement.  You will do long hills, short hills, flat road, sprints, jumps, and you will for SURE be sweating by the end.

And then there was the abs, oh my goodness the abs.  At the beginning of the class when she said we would do about 7 minutes of core work I'm thinking, "Piece. Of . Cake."  Except I do NOT much core specific work very often so it was basically the opposite of cake.  It was like kale.  You know it's good for you but you don't love it so it never happens.

You will love her class if: You want a KILLER core workout to go along with your cardio.

[bctt tweet="Do you want a killer core workout with your cardio? Try Rachel's 7am Fri class at @CorCycleStudio" via="no"]

One interesting thing to note is that while the studio uses a pretty standard Schwinn bike and monitor, the only metrics they display are RPMs and not levels of resistance.  When I first hopped on to the bike I thought my monitor was broken.  Where are my levels?! How will I know how hard I am working?!  But at CorCycle Studio they do not teach with levels, they only teach to RPMS.  While this threw me for a loop at first, I quickly realized how beneficial this is.  It puts people on a level playing field without them realizing it, allowing each participant to determine what "level" they need to be at to reach the designated RPM.  It's safer for you and easier for the instructors.

Overall I had a great experience with CorCycle Studio.  They offer fun and high energy classes, great amenities and a welcoming front desk staff.  I would definitely want to come back again and try out the rest of the instructors on their staff.

Have you tried CorCycle in downtown Baltimore?  Any amazing instructors I missed out on?

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