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Core Power Yoga

Core Power Yoga

Admittedly, as someone who enjoys yoga I'm not sure why it took me so long to try our CorePower Yoga.  They have been open in Brewer's Hill for more than a few months and I haven't made time to check them out.  Now I'm a little bit mad that I missed out for so long.  Granted I have been trying out a lot of other studios and working on my spin playlists. {not to mention my day job which has the tendency to suck up more hours of my life than I would like to admit} However, after putting in all the work to audition for a position as a spin instructor and not making the final cut, I needed a bit of a change.  My ideal workout schedule in the past always included at least one day of Yoga a week.  Sure it's great because it's a much different workout than I am used to, but what it does for your mind is just as important as the physical body.

I'm about to go full yogi here, but my favorite part of yoga is the message that you are enough just as you are.  No one is asking that you give anything other than the best you have right now.  No one is asking you to be the most flexible or the strongest in the room.  The only thing you work towards is being better than you were yesterday or last week and continuing to grow.  I love that yoga is a practice, an always evolving journey to improve.

Overall impressions
LOVE.  Friendly front desk staff, locker rooms with great amenities including locks and keys for lockers and super spacious studios had me planning C2 classes as part of my regular workout schedule from day one.

Location - 5/5
I am certainly guilty of picking studios that are insanely close to me but can you blame a girl?  If you're wondering what workout you will stick to the most it's the one that is easy to keep consistent with.  When you pick a studio that is literally on your way home you don't have much of an excuse for not going.

Price - $$
A single drop in class is going to cost you $22, while a 5, 10, or 20 pack which will run you $21/$19.50/$17  respectively.  CorePower Yoga does have a membership program called Black Tag Membership which is $139/month for unlimited classes at ANY studio {extra charge for studios in New York} and a good deal if you plan on going twice a week or more.

If you are unsure of what class type or teacher you might like they offer one week free for new members.  This is an AMAZING deal if you live in Baltimore as there are four different locations to choose from.  Brewer's Hill, Federal Hill, Harbor Point, and Hamden.

Ease of signing up/scheduling - 5/5
This gets a 5/5 because really, there isn't any signing up required.  Just visit their website, look up the studio you want to go to for their schedule and pick a class.  And then show up.  That's all there is to it.

I've said this before but not being able to sign up online for a class gives me a smidge of anxiety.  {We can't all be perfect...} What if the class is too full by the time I get there or I don't get a spot or, honestly I'm not even sure what else I worry about.  Just the unknown.  I'm working on it.

That being said once I showed up for my first class I realized that there wasn't that much to worry about.  The studios are plenty spacious and I was always able to get a good spot in the room.

Variety of classes / class times that fit my schedule - 4/5
I had originally been frustrated at the limited schedule for specifically the Brewer's Hill location.  They offer the same rotation of classes at the same time every day and most of them do not work for someone with a regular 9-5.  For example if you are more of a beginner C1 is only offered at 4pm. However then I realized I could go to any of the studios in the city I found more options that worked for my schedule.  All of the locations also offer some form of free parking also {HUGE plus} which made me not mind having to go to another location to try a different type of class.

So let's get into the classes.

C2 -Core Power Yoga with Sybil at Brewer's Hill

Now usually at a new studio I will take a level one class to start, because I don't do a lot of yoga and you never know how hard a level two class is going to be.  Or how challenging a level one class can be for that matter.  However because there weren't great options for after work classes at the Brewer's Hill studio {already discussed above} I went ahead and just picked a C2 class.  Hopefully it wouldn't be too hard.

If a yoga class can be considered "fire" than this would be it.  I knew within the first five minutes that I would love everything about it and that it would quickly make the list of classes I want to do every week.  Number one, I love any class that starts out in child's pose, with the instructor helping to set an intention for the class via a little personal story.  Not every studio and/or instructor does this but the ones that do always resonate really strongly with me.  Maybe it's because I'm a "learn by example" type of person.  I loved everything about the class from the instructor, to her intention, to her flow, to her playlist.

I left that class feeling strong, both physically and mentally, but also energized, excited, self assured.  It was exactly what I needed

Yoga Sculpt with Sybil at Federal Hill
"This is like Yoga on crack" -Sybil

While I would only associate this class with Yoga in that it is done in a studio, on a mat and with some yoga like poses it was a heck of a lot of fun and definitely a challenge.  Defintely let the instructor know if this is your first time and ask what to expect.  You will pulse and sweat and leave with arms and booty on fire in such a good way.

I wasn't specifically looking to take a class with the same instructor, but I wanted to try Sculpt and I loved the C2 class that Sybil had taught so I knew it was a pretty good choice.  Her energy is off the charts in a good way, it makes you want to work harder.

Yoga sculpt is a mix of yoga poses/postures and light weight resistance training for a full body burn.  Think chair pose while doing tricep kickbacks with 3lb weights, then a transition into warrior 2 and then doing a shoulder press.  Except to old school hip hip beats and moving non stop.  It's yoga meets dance meets barre meets cardio in just the right way.  It's one of those combos that just work.

Hot Power Fusion with Jenna at Brewer's Hill

After taking both C2 and Yoga Sculpt Sybil suggested I take a Hot Power Fusion Class as a good contrast.  I was originally planning on doing a class the next day on Thursday, but in all honestly my body needed a little bit more rest.  I picked a mid morning Saturday class instead.

Right away I could tell it was different, but in an unexpected good way.  HPF was slower and more gentle, while also being a challenge in it's own right.  A total 180 from C2 you start standing and work on standing balances for the first half of the class.  The flow is more relaxed, the music more gentle and the instructor a little more soft spoken.  In was, the perfect end to a rough week and the perfect compliment to the higher intensity classes I had taken earlier in the week.  Though the class is listed as being the hottest temperature out of the 3, it didn't feel that much different.  Overall the room was less crowded than the Sculpt class {which was completely full} and the slower pace meant I didn't feel as hot.

Of the 3 very different types of classes I would pick c2 as my favorite with HPF coming in a close second.  Sculpt, while certainly fun and interesting isn't something I see myself going to regularly.   It IS worth checking out if you are looking for a fun and energizing way to get a full body workout while having a lot of fun though.

CorePower Yoga - Thank you for being exactly what I needed in my life last week.  

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