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MEGAFit Baltimore

MEGAFit Baltimore

I have had my eyes on Megaformer fitness studios for a while now.  Although the massive piece of equipment with all it's springs and handles might look a little intimidating, it's supposed to be an insanely effective workout.  Also known as the Lagree Method {after Sebastian Lagree who invented this fantasical piece of equipment} think of a pilates reformer on steroids that uses resistance to give you a total body workout.  As luck would have it, the week I decided to sign up for Classpass is also the same week that MEGAfit joined Classpass.  It was basically meant to be.

MEGAfit is not a new studio, but they are new to Baltimore.  Located in the fells point neighboorhood it was a very short drive for me, but it took some time to find parking.  So if you're close enough to walk, do it.  If you're driving in, just give yourself enough time to find a place to park.  Because if you're anything like me, parking in the city brings out major road rage and un-patient-ness.  Not a great way to start the day.

The one room studio is on the 2nd floor, above The Handlebar Cafe.  It's an intimate setting with  7 machines {or "slmight at first appear small but the size was perfect, and honestly less intimidating for this newbie.

Price: $$$
Because I signed up with Classpass I'll be honest here I didn't take a look at prices until the next day when I was thinking about going back.  This type of class is not cheap.  However, after one class I can already understand the addiction.  I guess there can be worse vices in life than expensive fitness classes right?

Take advantage of their new client prices which are $22 a class or 5 classes for $99.  Otherwise you're looking at $32 for one single class {um, wow} If you have any intention of doing this class on a regular basis I'm going to say get yourself the largest package.  20 classes for $460 which is good for 4 months.

It's IS worth noting that while this may seem expensive compared to other types of studio classes  - the price range is comparable to places such as SLT or Solid Core.  MEGAfit actually comes in on the cheaper side of the spectrum, AND bonus it's super close.  Not to mention it's a killer and one of a kind workout you can't get anywhere else. 

Schedule / timing:
What led me to MEGAfit was actually the fact that I wanted to a class around 8 or 9am on  Saturday.  I was browsing through Classpass and all it's great filters and up popped MEGAfit.  As mentioned above I have been DYING to take a class like this so I hopped on it right away.  Aside from weekends, there aren't a ton of classes offered meaning, there aren't a lot of after work choices.  That being said the evening choices are at least past 5pm and would be late enough that I could get there after work.

Overall impressions:
Robin, the owner of the studio was teaching that morning, and she super sweet and very helpful.  She went over the anatomy of the Megaformer, how to adjust the springs, move the carriage, adjust the handles and where all the other pulleys and cables were.  It's a serious piece of equipment!

Like any new fitness class, the first 5-10 minutes are {for me} completely awkward as I try to grasp all the new movements and terminology while at the same time awing over the students who flawlessly execute one move after another.  After that initial phase I started to get more comfortable, the moves felt more fluid and I could tell I was getting a really good workout.

The class starts with core {which I am terrible at} and then moves to lower body focusing on one side, then arms followed by lower body focusing on the opposite side.  You finish up with some light stretches.  As hard as it was and as much as I struggled, I also loved how it made me feel and it went by surprisingly fast.  Unlike other classes like spin or yoga where I sometimes find myself wondering, "O-m-g when is this going to be over?" I was actually surprised that class was ending because it flew by so fast.

I'm not sure if it's a good or bad sign that multiple people told me after class, I was defintely going to be sore the next day.  After all the new things I've been trying, I'm actually not surprised anymore when my body wakes up the day after and is hating on me for find new muslces to torture.  However I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't hurt to walk {quads}, laugh {abs}, or brush my hair {arms}.  I did find I was sore in my adductors {inner thighs}, and pecs {chest} which is not surprising at all because I rarely, if ever, work those muscles.

If you are someone who is used to doing quicker, more intense workouts {think weight lifting or HIIT training} the hardest part for you will be to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n.  Think of the slow speed as your resistance instead of a heavy weight.  A super slow movement at a light resistance can be as effective as a fast movement under heavy weight.  Why?  With heavy weights you can use momentum as a fallback and often times not do a move with good form.  In Megaformer classes momentum is discouraged so you can really focus in on the muscles being worked.  I will admit this was really challenging and I probably didn't go slow enough.

All in all, killer class and would love to go again, but getting super hung up on the price.  I may just need to hang onto my Classpass membership for the sole fact that it makes Megaformer fitness more accessible for me.  If you have the means to do so, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out MEGAfit Baltimore.

I'm curious, when it comes to gym memberships and studio fitness classes at what point is a class too expensive?

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