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MPower Studio Brewer's Hill Review - SLF Fitness Adventures

MPower Studio Brewer's Hill Review - SLF Fitness Adventures

When I first started this challenge for myself, I didn't give much thought to how hard it would be on my body.  My previous schedule was so predicable that I didn't realize how used to the routine my body was getting.  Spoiler alert - new fitness routines will make you SORE.  This doesn't mean you are out of shape or a bad athlete, it just means you should switch it up a bit more.  I get it, we all stick to what we love because we love it.  But you should seriously consider something new even if its just once a week.

So let's get into it shall we?  Last week I got sweaty doing tadasanas and tucks at M.Power Yoga

Overall impressions

Close and convenient location, super friendly staff and great classes offered for all different levels.  I went for the yoga and stayed for the barre, which as it turns out is MUCH harder that it looks/sounds.  Shocker.

Location - 5/5
This studio is again, basically across the street from me so major points for convenience.  If you're not close enough to walk there is plenty of parking near by.

Located on the ground floor of the Natty Boh tower, the interior is not what you would expect from a yoga studio.  High ceilings, exposed brick and full glass walls in the upstairs studio at first made it feel a tad cold at first but I quickly warmed up {literally} to it's quirkiness.  They have a spacious locker room complete with showers and some great lounging areas in the front retail space.  Incase you're waiting on a friend before you claim your spot in class.

Price - $$
A single drop in class rings up at $20, while a 10 or 20 pack which will run you $16/$15 respectively.  If you are hardcore and plan on going 3 times a week or more go ahead and get sign up for a membership, which for unlimited classes costs $119 a month.  If you're a barre or yoga regular and are going to take 3 classes a week that's only $10 a class!

Ease of signing up/scheduling - 4/5
It's easy to find the schedule online, it's easy to walk in and get a spot in class with ten minutes to spare, but what drives me nuts is you cannot sign up online.  Hear me out.  Part of what keeps me committed to a class is knowing that I've already signed up.

Variety of classes / class times that fit my schedule - 4/5
Any studio that has classes that start later than 5pm gets points in my book.  Not only does M.Power offer that but they offer multiple levels at this time.

Here's the thing that's going to sway my answer.  The week I choose to take classes was also one of the weeks that M.Power was doing yoga teacher training.  As a result at least half of the classes Saturday and Sunday were cancelled.  While I didn't have the widest variety to choose from, I was still happy with what was available.

Tuesday - M.Power 2 with Robin
Back in January I took advantage of M.Powers new client offer, which is 10 free days of classes.  I was able to take several M1 classes as a yoga refresher and was feeling ready for the next level.  I dove right in with M2 which is a more advanced class than M1.  Bonus it is also heated.

This specific class was very single leg balance heavy and my legs were jello by the end.  It was challenging in the best way possible and had a different flow than other hot yoga classes I've been to at other studios.  The temperature was also PERFECT.  Hot enough to feel stretched and loose but not so hot that I was covered in sweat by the first five minutes.

Would defiantly recommend and take this class again.

Saturday - M.Power Classic Barre with Stacey
I have heard so many good things about barre over the years but never tried a class.  M Power Yoga offers many different versions from cardio barre, to pilates barre.  As a beginner I figured classic barre was probably the right way to go.

One thing that's really nice about M Power Yoga is the instructor for the upcoming class is usually the one at the desk to check you in.  I made a point to tell Stacey this was my first ever barre class so not to go too hard on me!

Let me tell you this lady might have been little but she doesn't mess around.  I was skeptical that3lb weights were going to give me a good workout but I was proven wrong.  I'm not even being dramatic when I say it was hard to lift my arms the next day and my quads are still sore!  This is what I was talking about earlier when I said change up your routine!  Sure I can survive a 45 minute spin class and feel great the next day.  But throw something different at me and my body is so challenged it doesn't know what to do.

The music was straight out of 2004/2005 pop radio which was upbeat, fun and nostalgic for me.    I had a bit of trouble with wanting all the moves to be on-beat and a lot of them didn't.  {Barre class regulars - please tell me is this normal?}

Would I do this class again?  Yes probably, but its going to take a while before my body recover.

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