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Baltimore's Rev Cycle Opens New Studio in Brewer's Hill

Baltimore's Rev Cycle Opens New Studio in Brewer's Hill

When you think of bad ass indoor cycling studios, Rev Cycle Studio in Baltimore should be the first thing that comes to mind.  I took a class at the McHenry Row studio when I first moved to to the Charm City and loved it.  Living across the harbor and not having a car during the week it was hard to get to so I haven't been back since that first class.  So when I saw that they were opening up a second location in Brewer's Hill, aka right outside my front door, I was pretty psyched.

As soon as I heard it was open I wasted no time buying a 5 pack of classes and making this my first stop on the try-all-fitness-studios-in-Baltimore train.  Rev's Brewer's Hill location currently offers 3 class options.  Rev45, which as you can assume from the name is a 45 minute spin class.  Rev60 again 60 minutes of spin, and RevBlast which combines high intensity spin with upper body moves utilizing hand weights.

While I would have liked to try all 3, the days they are offered would have meant taking classes on back to back days.  I don't think my body would have approved.  I ended up doing 3 different Rev45 classes with different instructors based on what worked with my schedule.

Overall impressions

Location - 5/5
I mean it's basically outside my front door.  You can't get better in terms of convenience. Honestly sometimes the best workout is the one that is easy for you to get to.  Inside the lobby is spacious with tons of lockers and cubbies for shoes.  There's a stocked fridge with beverages for purchase and a coffee maker as well.

Price - $$
A single class will run you $21 which is pricy in my opinion.  So if you know you will be attending regularly do yourself a favor and buy a 10 or 20 pack which will run you $17/$15 respectively.  If you are hardcore and plan on going 3 times a week or more go ahead and get that unlimited package.

Ease of signing up/scheduling - 5/5
Pick your class and reserve your bike at and you don't have to worry about getting there super early to get your favorite bike.  Which basically means I can leave my apartment 10 minutes before class starts, walk right in and get going.

Variety of classes / class times that fit my schedule - 4/5
RevBlast is available in the evening at a time that I could get to after work, it just happened to be on a day that didn't work for me that particular week.  6:30 classes are the perfect time to allow me to get there after work but not too late that I loose my motivation by the time class rolls around.

Monday -  Rev45 with Sean
Starting your first class at a new studio is always hard.  I was not familiar with the bike monitor and there was no explanation of where to find your stats or even how to turn it on.  The sound in the room was not great, the music was very loud and I couldn't hear any of the instructions for resistance or RPM's.  The first 5 minutes were pretty discouraging and I though that I was going to spend the whole class lost.

Despite the challenges I was experiencing, I was able to get a pretty good workout from it.  The instructor cues were easier to hear as the class went on and when I addressed the sound issue after class it was mentioned that they were aware and working on a fix.

Wednesday -  Rev45 with Eddie
This time I went in with the expectation that I was still adjusting to the bike monitor and that the sound would probably be not great.  Because I went in with lower expectations I think I enjoyed the class more than when I didn't know what to expect.  I would say as far as classes go it felt kind of in the middle.  It was challenging and I left with shaky legs for sure but it wouldn't be my first choice next time around.

I did manage to set my bike up incorrectly and had the seat too high and too far back.  So while I spent a decent amount of time wanting class to be over, some of that was defintely due to user error.

Saturday  - Rev 45 with Chris
All I can say about this class is YASSSS.  Chris's style of teaching checked all the boxes for me and made me realize what it takes for me to love a spin class.  The playlist was on point, cues super clear and the energy was all the way up.  There were a few quick openings to catch your breath and grab water but there was definitely no time to get bored.

In all honestly by the time Saturday rolled around I didn't think I could handle a third class in one week.  I was not psyched about the 7am alarm either but I am SO glad I forced myself to go.   I'm even a little sad that this means my week with Rev is over and next week ill be trying out a new studio.

Are you a fan of RevCycle Studio?  Have you been to their new Brewer's Hill location?  What did you think?

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