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What it Means to "Be Tough"

What it Means to "Be Tough"

Being tough means staying the course no matter what right?  Gritting it out and not backing down even if you are in a shitty situation?  While yes, sometimes you will be in a shitty situation that you can't get out of and you have to be tough and hang in there, you can be tough and still quit.  What?  Let me explain.

A few weeks ago I celebrated a pretty big milestone.  Two years living in Baltimore and working for Under Armour.  Why is this big?  To be honest there were a lot of days that I didn't think I would make it two months, never mind two years, so there's that.  Two years ago my life was pretty comfortable and I decided to shake it all up and make it really hard.  {What can I say, I like a challenge.}  

As I approached this milestone I began to do a lot of self reflection.  I ended up taking a but of an impromptu vacation to Vermont with family that left me with a lot of quiet time to think.  The past two years have been fast paced and full of adventure but they have not been without challenge. 

Challenge in living apart from my husband for a year while he found a job in our new city.  Challenge of my own job which made me feel like I was in over my head more times that I can count.  Challenge of loosing my identity as a runner when plantar fasciitis s decided to derail  my plans to do any kind of distance running for a long time.  Challenge in figuring out how fitness and the fitness industry was going to fit into my future.  And those are just the major talking points.  

When I decided to take this new job two years ago I wanted it to be a fresh start.  I wanted an opportunity to be someone I hadn't had the confidence in my past life to be.  I wanted to be tough.  

See, at my previous job I had this one bad ass lady boss who was super fierce.   We had not worked together long, only about 8 months, but she was an outstanding business woman and it was such an honor to get to work for her even for a short time.  She was never shy about speaking her mind, and was especially good at reminding me to stop apologizing for things I didn't even do.  In one of our last chats before I left one thing she said that I never forgot was, "Girl you have got to get tough."

It's true.  I am really very emotional.  My feelings are often hurt easily.  I take everything entirely too personal.  I cry.  I am a serious people pleaser.  But at the same time I also am sassy AF and do NOT like to be bossed around.  So I guess you could say I am one extreme or the other.  And to be honest being sassy has always gotten me in trouble at work.  No one had ever been so frank with me and honestly, it gave me a lot of confidence.  

I was so excited that I rushed in at full speed.  I never really slowed down to think, I just knew that I had a great opportunity to advance my career and I was going to give it everything I had.  So many times I found myself going back to these words.  "Be tough".  In the beginning I thought it meant smile when you want to roll your eyes. I thought it meant sweet talk someone when you really want to say, "you're being really stupid right now."  I thought being "tough" meant the same thing as being "corporate" in that you had to follow all the rules and not ask questions.  {It's confusing being me ok?}  I thought it meant sticking out a really shitty situation even though it was slowly stripping away who I was on the inside.  Being tough meant you couldn't quit right?

So while I am really proud of a lot of parts of the past two years, I've come to realize that I don't think I was going about things the right way.  I had shoved so many negative emotions and so much crap deep into the depths of my self that there just wasn't anymore room.  It wasn't until I stepped back and gave myself space to reflect that I saw the truth.  My truth.  I wasn't being tough.  I was being numb.  I was just letting things happen to me and not doing anything about it.

I thought back to what my old boss had said to me that day.  I remembered the instances where she would pull me aside and remind me not to apologize for things I hadn't done just to keep someone else happy.  Maybe being tough doesn't mean just gritting out shitty things.  It means being aware of the bad situations but not letting it change who you are.  

Being yourself when everything around you is pushing you to do otherwise, that's the toughest thing of all.

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