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Stay on Track With Your Goals in 2018

Stay on Track With Your Goals in 2018

Happy New Year!  For some of us 2017 was a year we'd rather forget and move on to better things in 2018.  For others 2017 was the year we finally hit our stride and are aiming for bigger and better things this year.  Either way, G-O-A-L-S are the talk of the town.  Did you write them? Did you share them?  It's basically all that I see on the internet right now.  {Well, that and the fact that it's cold.  Did you know it's cold?}

To be honest, I don't LOVE New Years Resolutions.  It's too easy to aim for the stars and bite off more than you can chew.  It's like going out too fast in a 5k and by mile one {February} you are gasping for breath trying to remember why you even signed up in the first place.  I get it.

But I do love goals.

That's why for 2018 I had some big ones.  

  • Attend one legit fitness conference.
  • Launch Get Strong Run Faster - Phase 2 / Advanced.
  • Maintain consistant posting schedule/ content calendar.
  • Travel to visit family and friends.
  • Start running again - run at least one 5k possibly maybe {maybe} a half marathon.
  • Pay off our car.  {yes it is fairly new still.  yes this is quite ambitious}

So it only make sense that in the last few days of 2017 I would do all the things to set me up for success in the new year.   Like get a new puppy.


Um, what?

Yes.  I know.  It is the compete o-p-p-o-s-i-t-e of setting myself up for success.  And yet I wouldn't  change it for the world.  Long story short we have been looking to rescue adopt for quite a while but having an apartment and Ralph's allergies make the breed requirements somewhat narrow.  I am always on the lookout for adoptable dogs and last week, well I found one.  One day I was planning to spend my weekend taking photos and writing content and the next I was rearranging our apartment to make room for another fluff.

Maybe for you it's not something this big.  It could be an unexpected work trip, a family event {positive or negative} an injury, or general stress. 

Write down your non-negotiables.  I wrote about this a looong time ago and it has been a major factor in helping me achieve what I want while filtering out the things that aren't as important.  It's easy to write down the major things we want to achieve — run a marathon, get a promotion, start a website, launch a business.  But how often do you talk about all the other daily things that need to get done and what is and is not a priority?

While I may like to make my bed every day, sometimes it's just not necessary.  I also LOVE to cook but quite honestly if there isn't time, that is the first thing that falls off my list.  Our hardwood floors are rarely cleaned, I always forget to open and sort mail, and sometimes I don't put clean clothes away for weeks.   #reallife

Make a back up plan and have realistic expectations.  Non-negotiables are set, now what?  What is the backup plan for when things can't go according to plan.  I try to cook one dinner and one lunch every week on Sundays.  But sometimes I can't so our back up plan is to get reasonably healthy take out, or do a meal prep service  {I love Terra's Kitchen - they have great options and are Baltimore based}  How will you tackle road blocks such as big work projects that cut into gym time or affect personal projects getting done?  Do you alter your timeline or your goal?  All good things to consider. 

Find an accountability partner.   A friend, a co-worker, a significant other, a sibling, or other family member are all great choices.  And we all know the benefit of someone else holding you accountable for missing a workout or training run.  BUT — when you're picking this person chose wisely.  Look for someone who is going to push you, maybe someone who has already met the goal you are looking to achieve.

Be Creative and Flexible.  "Be rigid about your goals.  Be flexible about how to achieve them."  This does NOT mean if your goal is to PR your 5k or your deadlift and you get injured that you keep on training.  Don't be stupid.  However you may need to adjust your timeline for the goal.  If you DO get injured spend that extra time strength training {hint hint - #GSRF}.  The point is 

Check in with yourself often.  It's ok for things to move quicker or more slowly than you thought. That's why you must must must check in with yourself regularly and reassess.  Goals that are too easy loose their luster and don't push you.  Goals that are too hard are discouraging and lead to quitting.  

Don't compare your begining to someone elses middle.  This one is R-E-A-L-L-Y important.  No matter what your goal is there is going to be someone {or someones} out there who seems one step ahead of you.  This can easily lead to feel discourage but remember it's not about them it's about you and your journey.  Go read this post.  Be mindful of the comparison trap.

Ladies and gents that is it!   So - I've shared mine time to share yours.  What are 3 of your goals for this year?  Don't have 3 — that's fine what is your one goal for this year?

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