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Anti-Gravity Yoga at The Movement Lab

Anti-Gravity Yoga at The Movement Lab

The Movement Lab is a funky studio space that I very quickly dubbed "the anti gym". Nothing about this fitness is traditional — in the best way possible.  I've been here before - remember this post on POUND Fitness?  I was instantly in awe of the massive studio space and despite my excitement for POUND I also had my eyes on the brightly colored hammocks that were tightly tied up at the ceiling.

Trying Anti-gravity yoga had been on my list of must-try activities for a while.  But with a busy work schedule and a lot of other commitments it hadn't worked it's way into my schedule.  At The Movement Lab you are required to take 4 basics classes before taking any kind of intermediate classes, I figured it would be something I would take "something in the New Year".

But then one day this event came across my screen - Anti-Gravity Yoga + Mini photo shoot.  I jumped at the chance to not only try this one of a kind fitness class, but also get some photos taken.  {Do you know hard it is to bribe the husband to take content photos?}.  I figured it would be a beginner friendly opportunity to bypass the 4 class requirement. 

Here's what really happened.  

I walked into the studio and was i-n-s-t-a-n-t-l-y intimidated.  Nothing is more terrifying than walking into a class you've never taken before.  Where do you stand?  What equipment am I supposed to have?  Everyone else is obviously a regular so they MUST know I don't belong.  

I made my way to the middle of the room and awkwardly stood by an un-claimed hammock.  Women all around me were getting their hammocks adjusted by Coach K, our instructor for the day, chatting with one another about various moves, or swinging gracfully waiting for class to begin.  Forget fish out of water, I was like a fish on the moon.  SO much outside my comfort zone.

Coach K was going around the room, adjusting everyone's hammock to the right height.  So of course I paid real close attention to everyone and by the time she came around to me I acted like I knew exactly what I was doing.  Why would I admit I had no idea, that would be silly right?  I was afriad they would kick me out, or yell at me for signing up for something I had no business doing.  Better to hide my inexperience right?  If you are reading this - please take note.  DON'T be like me.  OK?

So hammock is adjusted - awesome.  Everyone is ready to start - excellent.  Coach K starts to demonstrate the first sequence and I do everything to keep my deer-in-headlights look to myself.  What he HELL have I gotten myself into thoughts are rushing through my head.  I push them down.  The first move we do is climb into the hammock, wrap it tightly around our butts and slowly flip upside down.  No big deal right?

That intital flip I went so slow and I was so terrifed.  But I did it.  I pulled it off.  And then once the awkwardness wore off, dare I say it I got really confident.  Flipping, twisting, swinging, it all had this air of strength and grace that was powerful and beautiful all at the same time.  When I lift weights I don't always feel beautiful, when I dance I don't always feel strong, but doing this I felt such a feeling of both.  

It was an amazing energy and to be honest it went so fast and I was sad it was over.  Before I knew it we were all sitting around taking turns performing our two favorite moves to get photographed.  

While I signed up for this class to get some good photos and maybe learn a few tricks I learned a few things I didn't expect.  I learned to let go and trust myself, I was so afriad to flip over but once I let go and trusted myself the sequence flowed from my body.  I was reminded that being strong is not defined by body type as I was surrounded by so many different types of women who were all displaying such strength.  I learned that if you think something is a short cut, its probably not and you should just suck it up and take the fundamentals class.  

Have you ever taken an Anti-Yoga class?  Was it as terrifying to you as it was to me?

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