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One Month of Endless Summer with BeachFit Baltimore

One Month of Endless Summer with BeachFit Baltimore

This year, I am stepping up my fitness adventure game.  More frequency.  More variety.  More time spent learning the ins and outs of the hottest fit spots in Baltimore.  So what better way to kick it off than with surfing in the middle of winter.  [um, what?]

If you haven't heard of BeachFit Baltimore you may be a little confused — so let me get you up to speed.  BeachFit is a studio in a league of it's own - with unique class formats you won't find anywhere else in the city.  They are best known for being THE go-to place to experience Surfset Fitness.  

As close as you can get to surfing while still on dry land - Surfset Fitness utilizes an innovative piece of equipment called the RipSurfer X.  It sounds pretty serious but don't be intimidated.  It's basically a board, strapped to instability balls, and then strapped to secure base.  Think of it like a Bosu trainer on steroids.  Take a simple move like a plank or a squat — put it on the RipSurfer — and you're getting twice the workout you won't on stable ground.  It's killer. 

But BeachFit doesn't just offer Surfset [which you can find branded as "Rookie Surf" or "Surf Mavericks"] their class offering is as diverse as the instructors that teach them.  From TRX to Spin to bootcamps and barre style classes, there's a little something for everyone.  What you WILL find in every class - instructors who cheer you on to do your best.  Clients that become friends and make you want to come back week after week.  Creative and FUN workouts that keep you [and your body] guessing and will change the way you look at your fitness routine. 

So let's get down to the details shall we?

Price - Single classes will run you $19, while 5 and 10 packs are available and will get you down to $17 / $14 a class respectively.  However there are SO MANY great classes at Beach Fit you might as well get yourself a membership.  They are also available on ClassPass for those who prefer to get their fitness fix that way.  I wanted the full Beach Fit experience — so I took advantage of one of their offers for new clients - $59 for an unlimited month.  I ended up going to 8 classes over the course of 4 weeks so it rounded out to be pretty affordable.  

Class availability/ Classes that fit my schedule - This proved to be a little tricky for me at first.  Beach Fit offers so many different options and since I was determined to try them all before my month ran out plus balance everything else in my life [read - real  job, husband, puppies] I had to make some exceptions I might not make in real life.  7am and 5pm classes don't really work with my current work schedule.  There are also no classes on Sundays - which is when I have a lot of free time.  That being said - some of my favorites classes were at perfectly workable time slots - they just might make the cut into regular rotation.

Perks and other notables.  Class sizes are small, 8-15 people max.  Which means more one on one attention from the instructors but also the classes can be more tailored to the group of clients that show up.  

You'll get a handy little email reminder the day before your scheduled class - which is great if you're like me and forget what you signed up for.  Even better they have a BeachFit APP so you can easily sign up for classes, view your current schedule, and get reminders about upcoming classes that way. 

Know before you go.  Parking is the only sand in my shoe [so to speak] about this beach.  You can try to find street parking which is tricky for evening classes - much MUCH better for weekend am classes however. I ended up parking in a nearby garage most nights after work which ran me an extra $4 each time.  A few times I did end up taking the water taxi after work - but that still cost me about a $6 Uber ride home.

The BeachFit team is super active on social so they might snap a few shots of you hanging ten on the SurfSet or knocking out that last set of pushups.  Don't be shy! First they take amaze photos , and second their posts are always super encouraging.  No worries if you aren't a fan, they will respect if you ask to not be photographed. 

The studio - a former auto mechanic shop - can be a bit chilly in the colder months at the start of class.  Dress in layers but don't worry you'll warm up fast. 

The class run down.  This is what you really want to know right?

Rookie Surf with Kate - Rookie surf is toted as BeachFit's beginner class, and Surf Mavericks is described as advanced..  Now I would consider myself intermediate-advanced at most fitness, however I was for sure a beginner at the SurfSet.  So it made sense that I would pick this class for my intro to all things BeachFit. 

Since I'm also into meeting new people in addition to trying new things - I used a few fitness class as an excuses to meet up with fellow Baltimore blogger Ashton who runs Fitness A La Mode.  We ended up being the only two taking the class that night which was great

Now a class is only as good as the energy the instructor brings to it — and lucky for us Kate has no shortage of that.  Her passion for SurfSet Fitness shines through as she describes the basics of how the equipment and the class work.  Not to mention the playlist has great tracks - full of Iggy and Fergie and you'll find yourself lost in the beat instead of wondering if you're going to fall off the board.  

TRX with Kayleigh – You may not work up a sweat but man will you work your muscles.  Each class is set up differently but the one I did was set up in a pyramid super set meant to burn out your muscles one group at a time.  Full body moves combined with a more isolating move had us racing against the clock to see if we could finish each set faster than the previous one.  In between you kept your heart rate up with moves like high knees and crunches.  I honestly never thought there were so many things you could do with a TRX system and it definitely delivers a total body workout.  It's also set in a great group atmosphere that has everyone working together.

Cycle & Shred with Lori – I bet when you think BeachFit you don't expect spin to show up.  Cycle & Shred is 30 minutes on the bike followed by 15 minutes of SurfSet core work.  This is the perfect class if you want cardio + toning in one compact bundle. 

Lori's playlist is full of songs with solid beats which kept my tired legs moving despite being tired for this class.  The 30 minutes flies by and before you know it it's time to shred.  We moved through quick circuits of mostly core but also a few upper body moves.  The fast pace made the challenging moves easier to handle.   I have been to a lot of different spin + tone workouts but this one takes the cake for most creative.  

Beach Burn with KG - Described as an athletic take on barre — this class is structured with a quick warm up followed by a 4 round circuit.  Each circuit was 6 total moves - 4 that were more barre-esque and 2 that were more cardio driven.  While I loved that it got me up and out of the house early on a Saturday, and the moves a little different from my normal routine, it felt more like a beginner class for me.  There was a substantial amount of foam rolling at the end I didn't really feel like I needed and if I'm being honest I don't personally agree with foam rolling your IT band, which is one of the moves we had to do.

That being said if you are newer to fitness and want a low impact but very effective workout in a friendly community driven environment this would be your jam.   Also anyone who puts Pitch Perfect songs on their workout playlist is a win in my book.  

Beach Cycle with Suzie - You won't be hopping off the bike to ride any waves in this class but you will get a great cardio workout with some upper body toning at the end.  Tap backs, hovers and pushups on the bike are lighting fast - which basically means that you're never bored and burning a ton of calories.  If creative non-traditional rides are your thing you should for sure sign up for this class.  Not to mention Suzie has great energy, and is super sweet and inviting.

Beach Camp with Antoine - Beach Camp is BeachFit's take on bootcamp.  This was another unexpected format that turned out to be one of my favorites.  Hip Hop beats are the background for this agility and functional movement focused bootcamp.  Antoine pulls out all the stops - and equipment - for this class, keeping you on your toes not knowing what's coming next.

One minute you're doing agility drills with the skills ladder and mini hurdles, the next you're jumping rope followed by pushups, finishing up with jump squats and bend over rows.  You're never on one move too long, and I was actually happy to find there wasn't a ton of straight "core" work involved.  My only gripe with this class is the TIME.  7am is too late if I want to make it to work on time [I made an exception this time so I could try it out] but I want more of this in my life.  BeachFit please bring this class to the evening schedule!!

Surf Mavericks with Kate  - My time at BeachFit came full circle as I picked surf mavericks with THE surf expert— Kate. 

This time around Kate delivered a quick and effective HIIT + strength combo — 1 minute of a strength move plus 30 second cardio bursts.  The biggest difference between Surf Mavericks and Rookie surf is the pace.  Rookie is an intro class so more time is taken between moves and to get you comfortable on the board. Mavericks has a quicker pace and while I felt challenged it wasn't any harder than a regular bootcamp.  Read - don't be intimidated by the SurfSet - it's a lot of fun.  

My month of unlimited classes went by way too fast.  It was a blast not only to experience every single class but to meet so many new people in the fitness community.  I am a little sad not to have any BeachFit classes on my immediate schedule - but a class pack is definitely in my future.  

If you're in the market for a studio packed with variety and with a killer community I HIGHLY recommend giving BeachFit a try.  Go all in and get a membership because after your first class you'll be hooked.  

psst —Don't forget to follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for special events and updates. 

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