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The Key to Confidence

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one simple answer to being more confident? Not only do I belive there is - but its something you already have and don’t even know it. Read more to find out all the details.

Is Tracking Macros Really a Good Idea?

My relationship with food can best be described as “it’s complicated”. I think I’m exercising the right amount of moderation while also fueling my body with nutrients but how’s a girl who only eats intuitively to be certain? Read more to find out what happens when I track my food for an entire week.

How to Get More Time in Your Day to Workout

Be honest - what is your biggest roadblock that keeps you from getting to the gym or out for your run?  For me it comes down to TIME.  But what if I told you that you CAN be more productive in your daily life so that you have more TIME for that workout?  You're going to want to read this one!

Ditch the Diet and Focus on Strength Gains

Are you feeling frustrated that you are putting in the work but not seeing scale related results?  Love working out but can't get away from the food guilt?  Read more to find out why you may need to move away from your weight goals and focus on s t r e n g th goals.

TIEM Cycling Shoes

At long last fashion and function can coexist in a spin shoe for everyone to love.  Read all about TIEM and why I am never looking back on traditional cycling shoes again.