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Fitness Snob Studio Review - SLF Fitness Adventures

Fitness Snob Studio Review - SLF Fitness Adventures

Co-working spaces [open space where freelancers can work] aren’t a new concept anymore. These days being an entrepreneur is as common as having an internet connection. But there is a large chunk of the workforce that is being left out of these spaces. Personal trainers and fitness instructors. As a personal trainer myself — who works with clients on the side of a full time corporate job — finding a space equipped to train clients can be a challenge.

Most gyms that are looking for trainers require 20-30 hours a week. That’s part time. Yes. I was blown away when I heard that for the first time. Likewise instructors teaching group classes may only get a small portion of the $15 that you pay per class. Yes they may get a bonus for filling the room with bodies but the takeaway is still not that great.

I’m branching out of my baltimore bubble and headed down to the district for this month’s seriously unique fitness adventure at Fitness Snob Studio — DC’s first and ONLY fitness co-working space.

What is Fitness Snob

Kim Moore - owner of Fitness Snob studio was OVER seeing big hearted instructors take home small hearted paychecks. When they tried to find a space to call their own it wasn’t as well equipped as a big box gym or studio. Wanting to help instructors build a name for themselves as well as bring a diverse business to her community she opened Fitness Snob Studio

Fitness Snob is a one room multi-use studio complete with sound system, lighting, mirrors and some basic equipment like weights and steps. It is a blank canvas where instructors of all varieties can bring their style of teaching and build their tribe.  Fitness instructors - you NEED to check this out if you are trying to build or grow your own business.  Fitness takers - you are going to want to check this out for their VARIETY of classes.

First Impressions

If you aren't looking hard enough, you may drive by this small studio that hides under the red line’s Rhode Island Ave stop.  It's tucked in a corner

Don’t judge this building by it’s cover - the interior is brand new with a spacious lobby

There is a spacious lobby and a small front desk with friendly staff to great you and check you in. down the hall is a row of state of the art lockers for all your valuables

The studio has only one fitness room - but he ability for this room to transform based on the type of class that is being held is remarkable. The two workouts I participated in at the sampler could not be more different


for students:

This is where it gets tricky - because the prices aren’t set by Fitness Snob themselves. All the pricing and scheduling is worked out through the instructors. What this means - you may find a variety of prices and classes offered.

for instructors:

Pricing to rent the one room studio will depend on if you are booking during peak [think prime time hours] or non-peak [middle of the day] and if you are doing a one time booking, or committing to a regular schedule.

Renting the studio can be as cheap as $60/50 minute slot if you’re picking a non-peak time and can commit to 4 classes a month and as expensive as $100/50 minutes for a one time, peak hours.

Perks and other notables.

for students:

  • Bathrooms with showers for post class clean up

  • Water bottle fillers

  • Towels for super sweaty classes

  • Secure digital lockers for storing gym bags during class

for instructors:

  • Easy to book process

  • Customizable studio room including sound system and lights

  • Cameras in studio room to live stream your workout

  • All the profit in your pocket

  • Help build your tribe, your brand that will follow YOU and not a studio name.

Know before you go.

Parking was — a bit rough to put it nicely. The class I took was on a Saturday afternoon and then I returned a few weeks later for an event on a Sunday afternoon. Both times I actually ended up parking at the AutoZone a few buildings down. Not sure that was a great choice but it was the closest spot available.

There are a limited number of spots in front of the studio, and street parking is always an option. Your best bet — if you are able — is to take the metro in. Instructors should note however — that one space is always reserved out front at the time of your class for you so you won’t have to be late.

Class details

The classes at this studio are as varied as the types of people that walk in.  It's diverse and quite frankly what the fitness industry needs.  We do not all look, walk, talk, or act the same so why should we work out in a gym where everyone looks the same and do the same kinds of workouts over and over.

V-A for Vixen Army. If you’re looking to get outside your comfort zone and then some - you need to give this a try.

V-A for Vixen Army. If you’re looking to get outside your comfort zone and then some - you need to give this a try.

Vixen workout with Nikki Major

Quoted from Nikki’s website “The Vixen Workout is a dance fitness format that uses commercial choreography, killer music remixes, and stage lighting, so you can experience yourself as a performer”

Even if you are not ready to step out of your comfort zone - you must try this workout. It is a dance party disguised as a workout, and not only does it make you sweat and it strengthens confidence as well as your muscles.

You may feel awkward shaking your butt in front of the mirror - not to mention a bunch of other women you don’t know and have never met - but by the end of class you’ll be so in the groove you’ll forget your even with other people.

Nikki is killer at making you feel like your best self, working what you’ve got and giving you an amazing workout in the process.

Pro Tip: Probably don’t take this class after a 7 mile run. Speaking from experience. DO take this class if you want an amazing arms & booty workout.  [Photo via Flecks of Lex]

Pro Tip: Probably don’t take this class after a 7 mile run. Speaking from experience. DO take this class if you want an amazing arms & booty workout. [Photo via Flecks of Lex]

Lucious Legs & Arm Candy - Ana Browne Anabells Fitness

Ana Browne is a master kettle bell instructor - but on this day the class we were about to take was all about luscious legs and arms.

I got to preview a shortened version of this normally 60 minute class. Ana pairs a lower body move like a squat or lunge with an upper body move like a bicep curl or shoulder press. You go through three rounds of each pair before moving on to the next.

So for example squats for one minute, bicep curls for one minute, repeat two more times through and then move on. The next pair might be a lunge for one minute and then a shoulder press and repeat. Let me tell you it was a serious workout.

Because we were at the studio for a sampler she did set the room with weights at each of our spots. If some of the moves got too hard with weights you always had the option to drop the weights, however I didn’t ask if there was an option for lighter weights when students come to take the class in real time.

Workout with Michelle Obama’s trainer.

Ok confession I personally did not get to do this - but my fit friend Lex had the honor of participating in this workout and you can read all about her experience here.

Final Thoughts

The workouts offered at Fitness Snob are really great and I’m bummed that it’s not close enough to get to on the regular. Even as a fitness professional I would love a space like this a little closer to home. Aside from parking, my experience with the studio was great it had everything you could really want in a studio. If they could just figure out a way to open up a Baltimore branch I’d be there all the time. I especially loved the Vixen workout — it is literally unlike anything I have ever tried and as someone who loves dance but is terrible at choreography even I could pick up on the steps and feel like I had some rhythm.

Want more Fitness Snob? Be sure to check out Fitness Snob and don’t forget to follow them on Instragram

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