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75 Easy Healthy Habits You Can Start Today

75 Easy Healthy Habits You Can Start Today

With the new year upon us it may feel as though you have to make some MASSIVE resolutions to jump start 2019. While signing up for a marathon, loosing weight, or cleaning up your diet are all great goals — we all know it can feel impossible to start something so big if this is all new to you.

One of my mottos is small steps lead to big change. I would never ask you to wake up tomorrow and quit sugar cold turkey. It may work for a while but with the society we live in it’s hard to avoid. You’re likely to have a set back, and then feel frustrated. Instead - if you came to me and said “I want to give up sugar” I would say “Great - let’s look at what you eat in a day, and where we can make small changes to reduce the amount of sugar you eat”. Small changes like cutting back on sugar in your coffee, reading nutrient labels and finding where you may be eating added sugars, and at the same time we focus on eating MORE veggies, drinking MORE water. Over time you may realize you’ve made some big changes.

So I’ve put together the longest list of — SMALL things you can do to start creating healthy habits.

I challenge you to pick ONE that you think you can realistically add to your day, ever day for 30 days. Yes that is it. ONE.

These tips are all things you can do right now without any massive preparation. While most of these habits are things you can start right now in your own home with out purchasing anything — there are some tools I DO love that I wanted to include so you could purchase them if you so wish. They ARE affiliate links because a girl’s gotta pay the bills but I hope you know me well enough by now that I would not endorse anything I do not TRUELY belive in.

And if you’re looking to get more out of the new year - don’t forget to download my free goals guide. It’s less than 10 steps to help you get really CLEAR on your goals so you can skip the overwhelm and focus on making progress.

Don’t underestimate the power of mental health. Many of the tips on this list include things like journaling, meditation, spending time off of social media. Keeping your mind healthy is just as important as your physical body.

Let’s get into the list though shall we?

morning routine easy habit.jpg

20 Healthy habits you can start in the morning

  1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than normal — especially if you usually spend your morning rushing. Yes sleep is nice but starting the day relaxed will have a bigger impact on your day that hitting the snooze button.

  1. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. Many people say lemon water, or apple cider vinegar but trust me when I say that plain filtered tap water will do just FINE. It’s the easiest thing you can do to start the day off right.

  2. Add a splash or dash less cream or sugar to your coffee. If your side eye all those people who can drink their coffee black know that it took me 2 years of slowly cutting back on the creme and sugar until I realized what actual coffee tastes like.

  3. Resist the urge to check your phone first thing in the morning. Do something for yourself before you get caught up in responding to everyone else’s drama.

  4. Start a gratitude journal practice - write down 3 things you are grateful for.

  5. Set a daily intention.

  6. Make a to-do list that is achievable. [sometimes my to-do list only has one thing on it]

  7. Do 5 minutes of yoga or easy stretching.

  8. Get sunlight/daylight - as soon as you can. Light tells your body it’s time to get awake.

  9. Put on your favorite song and dance.  Like really dance.

  10. Put out an outfit that fits and makes you feel like a boss.

  11. Wear SPF - Fre skincare is my JAM.

  12. Do a power pose before you leave the house.

  13. Look in the mirror and tell yourself three things you love about yourself.

  14. Add some fat to your breakfast to keep you full longer throughout the morning. A handful of roasted nuts [unsalted], nut butter, avocado, whole eggs [not just the white] or full fat dairy all are all great choices.

  15. Don't rush your breakfast - take time to eat mindfully and enjoy what you're eating

  16. Drink another glass of water.

  17. Spend your commute doing something you enjoy (sing along to the radio, learn something from a podcast, audio book).

  18. Park a little bit farther away than normal and enjoy a bit of a walk into work.

  19. Take the stairs instead of the elevator at work.

get movement in your day healthy habit.jpg

15 Healthy habits you can create at work.

  1. Is your desk set up optimal? If not use this video to figure out how you can improve your work station set up.

  2. Put off checking email [unless it’s something ACTUALLY urgent] and focus on the most impactful task of the day

  3. Take stretch breaks at your desk every 30-50 minutes. Even just standing up and reaching hands above your head is enough.

  4. Take a walk break every 2 hours or so and go for a 5 minute walk - even if it’s just across the office to someone else desk to say hi. Research has shown that we are more productive when we take breaks. Not to mention that walking requires you take in more oxygen which makes you feel more alert.

  5. Two words. Walking. Meetings.

  6. Take a REAL lunch break. If you brown bag it resist the urge to sit at your desk and power through lunch. As I just mentioned above - breaks are good for you!

  7. Swap sugary or creamy dressings for oil and vinegar on your salad.

  8. Get outside or spend some time sitting in natural light.

  9. Turn off social media / messaging notifications so you can focus on your tasks throughout the day. This includes the outlook popup window at the bottom of your screen every time you get a new work email. Just say no to distraction!

  10. Drink another glass water.

  11. Pay attention to your posture - sit up straight in your chair having better posture engages more muscles

  12. Clear clutter off your desk.

  13. Be protective over your own schedule - you don’t HAVE to say yes to everything. It’s ok to say yes to things that you know you need to get done.

  14. Smile at people in the hallway.

  15. Don’t stay too late if you realize you’re mind is not in the game. Staying late a the office may make you “look good” but if you’re distracted and not doing your best work best to go home, recharge and start over tomorrow.

block out light healthy habits.jpg

20 Healthy habits for a relaxing night time

  1. Go for a walk to clear your head after work.

  2. Skip the after-work cocktail to "wind down"

  3. If you are out for a work happy hour stick to 1 drink they switch to seltzer with lemon or lime.. We all know how 1 can quickly turn into 5. [No? This is just my work? Noted.]

  4. Make dinner at home instead of getting take out.

  5. If take out is the only option look for healthier options that allow you to get some vegetables or a salad.

  6. Try not to cook your veggies as long or eat them raw. Overcooked veggies are not as nutritious, especially if you are boiling or steaming all the nutrients end up in the water you just poured down the drain.

  7. Have a glass of water with dinner instead of a soda or sugar filled beverage.

  8. If you have to dive back into work after dinner — set a timer and when it goes off power down for good.

  9. Plan out your day for tomorrow. What meetings do you have or commitments on the calendar. Are you over planning your day and saying no to things that are going to add extra stress?

  10. Pack your gym back for a workout the next day - or even two days from now. Having a bag packed with everything in it makes mornings less stressful but also means you’re more likely to make excuses.

  11. Pack your lunch for tomorrow or plan what your lunch will be. Think about the options around your office if you usually go out and find a place that has more nutritious options.

  12. End the day with some herbal tea - lavender or chamomile are great options to help you relax and wind down.

  13. Shut your phone off or put it down 30 minutes before you go to bed.

  14. Don’t sleep next to your phone - place it somewhere across the room. If you’re feeling brave put it in another room entirely [just make sure you have an alarm clock]

  15. Read a book or magazine to fall asleep instead of watching TV.

  16. Try to go to sleep 30 minutes earlier than usual.

  17. Journal to end the night - write down ONE thing that challenged you today & a lesson you learned from it.

  18. Lower the temp in your room to help increase your quality of sleep. Ideal sleeping temperature is about 67 degrees.

  19. Block out light - use dark curtains or even an eye mask to make the room as dark as possible to get a sound sleep

  20. Five deep breaths before you go to sleep to re-set and relax.


20 Healthy habits that can you can start any time of the day

  1. Get clear on your goals. If you haven’t grabbed my ultimate goal setting guide from the link above - now is a great time.

  2. Do some kind of intentional exercise for 30 minutes.

  3. Practice mindful eating.

  4. Start a practice of planning your week out on Sunday. What you’ll eat for the week, when you can get in some kind of movement, etc.

  5. Spend 30 minutes cleaning up some part of the house each day. A load of laundry, washing some dishes, or vacuuming. This keeps chores from building up over the week and feeling overwhelming on the weekends.

  6. Allow yourself to let go of guilt.

  7. Clean out old or expired health and beauty products.

  8. Try putting the scale away and not weighing yourself for 30 days. I bet you didn’t realize how dependent you were upon it until it was gone.

  9. Spend time learning a new skill or with a new hobby that is NOT technology related. If you’re especially time crunched this may be hard but if you’re looking to fill your time with things other than TV watching and social media scrolling this is for you.

  10. Wear blue light blocking glasses if [like me] you spend a lot of your day in front of a screen.

  11. Practice meditation. If you aren’t sure how to get started try using an app like headspace or insight timer.

  12. Eat more whole or minimally processed foods.

  13. Shop local — this goes for food and non food items.

  14. Let go of the “diet” mindset.

  15. Make a workout plan for the month ahead. Start slow with 2 days of 30 minutes of intentional exercise a week.

  16. Learn to cook a new recipe.

  17. Re-evaluate toxic relationships in your life and consider distancing yourself from people who only tend to bring the negative vibes.

  18. Challenge yourself to eat as many [naturally occurring - skittles don’t count!] colors in a day as you can.

  19. Make a conscious effort to stop multi tasking - one task at a time. Many studies have shown that multi tasking is actually less productive because your brain takes more time to remember what task it was doing - than if you stick to one thing at time.

  20. Ask for help. From your spouse, your coworkers, your kids, or your friends. Many times we think we can’t adopt healthier habits because “other things” are taking up time and we just need to delegate.

We often times thinks it’s going to take a crazy diet and strict workout schedule until we love our bodies feel good about them. The truth is your strict diet and grueling workout schedule are not sustainable. And you probably won’t love your body because you’ll be hungry and tired. What it takes actually love your body and feel good in your own skin are a lot of little things that overtime add up to self love and improved movement

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