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Why you have no motivation - and how to make a change NOW.

Why you have no motivation - and how to make a change NOW.

How are your goals for the year going? If you need help staying on track with goals be sure to catch up on this post.  I'm guessing if you are interested in the title of this post - it isn't the catching up on - that you need help with.  It's the motivation.

I can teach you all the skills and workouts on the planet but if you don't WANT to do them?  Guess what - you won't.  The bottom line is you have no motivation and you want to know why — and how to make a change.

You probably think of fitness as something you hate.
If you're not working out because you think fitness means hours on the elliptical or you think boutique fitness classes are out of your budget you'd be wrong on both accounts.  You may need to try many different things before you find a workout that resonates with you.  If you're in the market for finding a new fitness routine or want to get a great deal on some of the pricier options - consider signing up for Class Pass.  You can try out all types of classes and studios for one pretty reasonable monthly fee.  My friend Ashton over at Fitness A La Mode even has a great intro offer that will save you $30 off your first month - check it out here

You’re doing it for the wrong reasons.
The only reason you want to go to the gym is to get un-realistically "skinny".  You want to look like that #goals "fitspo" on social media.  You only want to "look good" for a certain event.  If these are your goals then it's going to get motivated and stay motivated long term.  Maybe one of these worked in the past but you quickly felt restricted or that exercise took too much time and you gave up.  

The thing is you’re probably not ever going look like that girl on a magazine cover or on Instagram.  If you do get there it's going to be unrealistic to maintain.  Why?  She probably dieted like crazy for that photo shoot.  She may or may not be on an incredibly restrictive diet.  She may be on some sort of PED that let's her get lean and stay lean.  [Yes — women can be on steroids and not look like giant muscle heads.] She's probably is also Photoshopped.  But she’d never tell you any of that.

It’s not realistic.  It’s not healthy.  It’s not sustainable and if that's your path you’re going to become very unmotivated when you can’t reach that goal.  Don't workout to look like someone else.  Workout because you enjoy it and it makes you feel good.  Because it makes you feel strong which in turn makes you feel empowered.  

You have a poor [or no] support system.
If all day every day you’re surrounded by people who make unhealthy choices — you’re probably going to make unhealthy choices.  It's hard to admit, it's even harder to change but think about it.  Your coworkers are constantly bringing in baked goods and begging you to go out for happy hour.  Family get togethers revolve around fried food.  Your significant other prefers the couch and take out to a walk to the farmers market.  Friends would rather do bottomless brunch than bootcamp.  

It's ok that you want to change and do something different.  But don't expect them to change with you.  Instead you're going to have to find a group of people who share your same goals, who can help encourage you when you need it.  This is the MOST important key to motivation.  You don't have to get all new friends - but if you're interests lie in getting healthy and theirs aren't ask yourself why you want to spend so much time with them.  Join a local running club [if you're in Baltimore check out some of these] or even a Facebook group of like minded people.  And hey if you want to try to sway your co-workers maybe consider a workout that may ends in happy hour and get the best of both worlds.  

Unrealistic Goals.
So let’s say you’re a great support system you’re doing something you love you’re doing it for the right reasons you’re still not motivated still frustrated you probably have set yourself up for an unrealistic time expectation you wanna see results faster and nothing is more demotivating the feeling like all this effort isn’t worth it. So do yourself a favor understand this is a long-term lifestyle change and then it’s gonna take some time and that’s OK it’s not an overnight change. Give yourself a break again you’re doing something you enjoy with people you like that support you you feel strong and empowered what else do you need.

There is no secret sauce to getting or staying motivated.  But if you find something you like and a group of people you enjoy doing it with you're on the right track.  

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