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The Key to Confidence

The Key to Confidence

When I finally got the photos from this shoot back in March and saw the one I put at the top of this post — I cringed so hard.  Hannah caught me at the height of my awkwardness.  We were barely five minutes in and I was laughing at the idea of standing in front of a camera for the next 20 minutes looking "fitness-y".  She caught so many good shots that day — many I have posted on my IG — but this one?  Ugh!  

Maybe it's because I'm getting to a point in my life where I realize it doesn't matter what people think.  Maybe it's because I [finally!] finished reading the book Confidence Code.  Maybe I'm tired of all the social media and workplace politics and bullshit and I'm done pretending to be someone that I think I have to be. 

Whatever it is - I can't deny that I've been feeling different lately.  Taking bigger risks.  Making bolder decisions.  Doing things for me and knowing that the results I want are out there.  I think I finally figure out the key to TRUE confidence. 

The key to confidence is showing up as your most authentic self. 

Sara - what does that mean?  What is my "most authentic self".  It's the person you want to be even though society and social media may tell you that you shouldn't.  It's embracing the parts of yourself that you were born with, that make you uniquely you, instead of trying to blend in and be "just like everyone else".

My most authentic self:

  • Would rather stay in on a Friday night prepping for her Saturday long run than going out.
  • Likes being organized, on time, following [most] rules and being as productive as possible before letting myself relax.
  • Spontaneously breaks out dancing anywhere and everywhere.
  • Has a lot of feelings and emotions so letting go of what other people think is really hard.
  • Will post this "not perfect" picture as the lead image for this blog post because when I see it I can't help but smile remembering just how much fun it was to shoot that day.  

The times that I feel most confident these days, are when I remember to be true to myself.  I can't please everyone or be everyone's cup of tea.  So I may not be someone's version of "perfect" but I'm pretty perfect at being myself.  

Confidence and body image.

When it comes to confidence in body image - being your most authentic self means appreciating your shape and size for what it is instead of forcing yourself into a mold you might not be made for.  We are not all made to be a size 2.  We are all not made to be any specific shape or size, weight, height or appearance.  We are not all meant to be the same.  So why do we keep insisting on lusting after the same "goals" bodies. 

Two years ago I walked into the gym determined to get better at weight lifting and strength training.  Let me tell you it is SUPER intimidating to walk into any room of people when you THINK they are all experts.  Here's the beauty in it though.  No one needs to be an expert.  We're all showing up trying to get after the same goal - becoming better than we were yesterday. 


Learning to lift taught me a lot.  It taught me to be confident in my training and knowledge and not worry about other people.  But no one else can be me.  It taught me to walk into that weight room and not give a crap what anyone else thought.  There is always going to be someone who is smarter than you, stronger than you, hell even prettier or skinnier.  No one can beat me at being me.

It taught me that when I focused on strength goals instead of scale goals I actually felt BETTER about myself and my body.  Years ago I would take progress photos every week and wonder why my body wouldn't miraculously transform into the shape of someone who I thought had a "perfect" body.  I was caught deep in the comparison trap.  Once I started lifting — I started loving my body for what it could accomplish instead of how it looked.  It gave me something quantifiable to measure my progress with instead of something subjective.  

My promise to you is to always show up as my most authentic self and help you do the same.  I will never try to sell you on a fad diet or fitness program that get's "quick results" but you can't stick to for more than 6 weeks.  Instead I want to help you implement small sustainable changes into your life so you can feel amazing in and about your body. 

Are you ready to start your own fitness journey but need help weeding through what you do and don't need?  Do you want want REAL and authentic advice so that you can feel like your best self and love the body you are in?   Send me an email or fill out my new client inquiry and let's get started!

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