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Why You Should be Using Natural Deodorant

Why You Should be Using Natural Deodorant

Clean eating is so last year.  These days it's all about cleaning up what we put ON our bodies in addition to what goes in them.  With the growing popularity of apps such as Think Dirty and Healthy Living it's easier than ever to see the less than stellar ingredients that go into some of of the products we use so many times a day.

But this is a fitness focused website right - and what is one of the most important things you need on hand if you plan on getting sweaty?  Deodorant.  Yep that's right - today I'm going to tell you about the all the deets of natural deo and why you should consider making the switch.

Stick around until the very end because there is a pretty sweet discount code for my current favorite brand - Schmidt's Naturals.  This is 110% not sponsored.  I simply found a product that I love — want to share it with you — and also want you to save some dollars in the process.  Who doesn't love that?

First of all — did you know that sweat is actually odorless? 

Yes, that's right.  Sweat itself is not the reason for that ripe smell after a hard workout.   The unpleasant aroma is a reaction to your bodies sweat and bacteria on your skin.  Traditional anti-persperant {Note the anti- part.  As in "I will stop you from sweating or else"} use aluminum to block sweat glands from producing sweat.  Less sweat less smell, seems like a good idea right?  No thanks.

Natural deo uses n-a-t-u-r-a-l scent neutralizing ingredients like sodium bicarbonate {baking soda} to nix the smell.  Goodbye to plugging your pores and messing with your bodies rhythm.  They also use essential oils so you end up with gentle scents like lavender, rose, or jasmine instead of manufactured "scents" like "sport fresh" or "summer berries".

Why you NEED to try it?

There is a growing amount of research linking aluminum to health issues such as breast cancer, Alzheimer's, and/or Kidney issues.  While the studies aren't super solid at this point yet, why take the risk.  Putting things in or on your body that alter natural reactions and have potential health side affects aren't worth it.  In my personal opinion, natural products work just as well if not better.  They carry no risk, contain no harsh chemicals or ingredients and let your body do it's natural thing.  

Bonus points — natural deo companies are likely focused on being cruelty free and sustainability.  It's good for you.  It's good for the planet.  It's good for that girl on the bike next to you in spin class.  What more do you need?

My experience

Ok I get it, all that info is great but you want a personal testimonials right?  Ok here goes.  I was VERY skeptical about this situation at first.  I am all about natural soaps, lotions, and other types of beauty products.  But as someone who is extremely active — and let's be real extremely sweaty — I did not want to be "that natural girl" in the gym.  

So I consulted a friend who I know is always up and up on the latest natural products.  She recommended this company called Schmidt's Naturals.  I bought a stick of Bergamot + Lime and waited until I was away on vacation in Vermont to give it a try.  Upstate Vermont + natrual deodorant just seemed like the perfect match.

I honestly loved it from day one, and for a reason I did not expect.  While I noticed right away I seemed to be sweating a bit more than usual, I didn't smell.  {Trust me I made Ralph do one too many armpit smell tests.  He is a saint.}  It was relatively easy to apply.  You hold the uncapped stick to your warm skin for about 10 seconds before swipping on but otherwise it works the same as other stick deo.  

One initially big downside is that I did noticed that it made my underarms very irritated if I had just shaved.  This was quickly solved by using the sensitive formula {Jasmine Tea is my FAV} and I had absolutely no problems.  I also like the texture of the sensitive formula better.  The regular formula is a bit gritty and the sensitive is much smoother.  

Isn't it expensive though?

Price wise it may be a bit of sticker shock, one standard stick runs about $9 compared to $3 or $4 for your average stick of Dove or Secret.  Might seem expensive at first but if you're going to spend the money on the gym membership and green juice why wouldn't you spend a little extra to make sure the products on your body are top quality as well.

So now that I have you convinced - I also want you to get a good deal!  Use code 'SARALIZABETHFIT' for 20% your online orders at  Once you're hooked on natural deodorant don't forget to check out some of Schmidt's other products like toothpaste and soap.  

I also h-i-g-h-l-y recommend starting out with one of the travel size multi-packs.  Not only are the scents are all very different and it's the best way to find your favorite, but bonus then you have extra sticks to stash in your gym bag or purse. 

What are your thoughts on natural deodorant?  Too much hype or totally worth the money?

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