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Why You Should Be Strength Training to Improve Your Running.

Why You Should Be Strength Training to Improve Your Running.

You've been running for a few years and it hits you - the nagging injuries.  Or maybe you've hit a running plateau and you're looking for that thing to push you to the next level.  Either way you have probably found yourself wondering about strength training asking some of these questions.

  • What exercises do I need to do?
  • How often should I do them and how do I incorporate them into my training plan?
  • Do I have to lift heavy weights?
  • Why {and how} is this going to help me?

Running is great.  It gives you a high unlike any other fitness I've found thus far, it can be social or therapeutic or both.  It's a wonderful calorie burner if that's what you're looking for.  But running can be, well, not so well rounded.  It's g-r-e-a-t for building endurance, which you need, but not great for building overall strength.  

But here's why you NEED to be adding some kind of strength training to your routine to improve your running!

Strength training targets one muscle or muscle group at a time.  

Running requires all your muscles to work together — kind of like those group projects from school we all love so much.  You know that one person that tends to take over when everyone else isn't pulling their weight?  In running that's usually the quads and the calves.  They can't help it, they jump in and take on more work than they can handle while your glutes, hip flexors and core are just along for a joy ride. 

Strength training is not a group project.  It lets each muscle or group do it's own thing and get stronger on it's own time.  


Strength training helps prevent injuries.  

Most injuries that runners encounter are due to overuse.  Imagine rubbing two strings together over and over and over eventually they get weak and break.  Now imagine those strings are actually muscles or tendons in your body.  Um, ouch!  If you keep repeating the same motion over and over and ONLY that motion, you're going to run into some problems. 

Strength training let's you move your body in different ways and help take some tension off of those overworked muscles and tendons.  

Super.  Now you know WHY you need strength training to improve your running or just to keep you a healthier runner overall.  But now you still need to know how.  And when.  And how long.  and what exercises!

So here's the deal - I'm have just the thing for you.  Get Strong Run Faster.  Because I too was that  really confused and also really busy runner.  And it's E-A-S-Y.  Easy to follow, easy to incorporate into your current training plan. [What's that?  You don't have a training plan?  You want a custom training plan for your SUPERHUGE kick ass  goals??  Let's chat!]

What are your running goals for 2018?  Mine is [yikes] I might actually run a half marathon this summer.  Fingers crossed!

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