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Baltimore's Sweet Science Boxing Review - SLF Fitness Adventures

Baltimore's Sweet Science Boxing Review - SLF Fitness Adventures


I am all for a little variety when it comes to working out. Routine is great, but change is what keeps your body guessing. Not to mention helps you learn new skills and get stronger by challenging your self in different ways.

The boxing ring inside the front door of Sweet Science Boxing in Baltimore's Fells Point neighborhood may look intimidating - but don't let that stop you from trying out this one of a kind gym. Father and daughter owners Jasmina and Dave want to make Sweet Science as much for the beginner as for the pro.

I got a chance to check a sneak peak of Sweet Science at an event over the summer and was intruded.  This isn't so much a workout as it is an experience.  I knew it was worth a deeper dive and that I need to share all the details with you. Kidding. I needed to ask for help to share the details with you — and lucky for me I found someone who not only has been more than once but knows a thing or two about workouts.

Kayleigh Gelles - Fitness fanatic and TIU guru.

Hi, I’m Kayleigh! A group-ex instructor here in Baltimore. I teach a HIIT-style Sculpt class, Bikes & Biceps, and TRX. I am also an avid fan of Tone It Up [what up #TIUBaltimore] and ClassPass. I need a little bit of everything in my life, because I am a chronic sufferer of FOMO, but also because spin and TRX don’t always cut it for me. I regularly need to balance those out with yoga, strength training, HIIT, and definitely boxing! 

What is Sweet Science? 

Sweet Science boxing is your standard boxing gym. No frills, standard equipment, and all walks of life. The very first time I went was with Volo City’s Sweat Crawl, so I lucked out in getting a 30 min prep for class. Your basic boxing moves like, a left jab [also called a 1], right hook [you guessed it - 2], and more complicated combos like a 2-1-2 [right, left, right - you with me?]. You learn the proper way to stand and where your feet should be.

I also learned about the 3 minute timer. This is a boxing gym staple. Everything is done to the timer, hence the conditioning aspect. Since the Sweat Crawl, I’ve taken Boxing Conditioning with David a handful of times. He quickly figures out of your a newbie or a pro, then sends you on your way. Jump ropes for warm up. Step ups for muscle building and mobility. Tire toe taps for quick feet. Ladders for agility. All to the lovely tune of that 3 minute timer. Then it was time for the bag work — each bag is a different station. He tells you which moves to work on and you practice for, you guessed it, 3 minutes.

Every time I’ve left I have felt confident, strong, and soaked in sweat.

First Impressions 

When you first walk in you see the gorgeous ring. You may not get to step inside right away, but you’ll definitely be able to see some seasoned boxers practicing.  There are also pictures and titles lining the check in wall. David’s daughter also runs the gym and she is a boxer — the focal point of a lot of the pictures. Then in the next room you see the bootcamp layout — the free bags, ladders, captains chair, cones, and the like. It is tidy, bright, and has a great view of the Fells Point waterfront.



I have always used ClassPass, but like most gyms they run a sliding scale of drop in rates — the more you buy, the cheaper per class rate you get. Plus new members get their first month at a discount.

  • Drop in Class $20

  • 5 Class pack $85

  • 10 Class pack $165

  • Kids Unlimited $50

  • Unlimited Classes for New Members $99/first month

  • Unlimited Classes $125/Month

They also offer additional services such as one on one personal training, and nutrition consultations.   

Perks and other notables. 

  • Check in is easy and everyone is approachable.

  • They also have coffee where you check-in...always a perk!

  • Prime Fells Point location.

  • Laid back down to earth atmosphere. 

Know before you go. 

It can get pretty warm in there, so bring lots of water and wear the appropriate clothes. They do have a water fountain to refill your own bottle. [Edit from the studio owners - they do have showers! They’re in the back!]

If you’ve boxed before and have your own gloves, feel free to bring them! I like to have my own spin shoes, yoga mat, etc. so by my 2nd or 3rd class, I bought my own set of gloves from Target for $20 — just my personal preference.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone is super nice and a character, so don’t be shy! They like when you start jammin’ out [and punchin’ out] to the beat of whatever music they’re playing. Sweet Science is in the heart of Fells Point, so anticipate the parking situation — paid street parking or timed [permit exempt] neighborhood within a few blocks. [They are located right next to where Urban Pirates docks, in case you get lost.]

Class details 

Boxing Conditioning with David.

45-60 minuets, this workout was identical each time I was there. After I had been there a few times I got to practice in the ring with another coach — which was AWESOME. David is great, but he can be chatty and get distracted, so just make sure you know what you’re doing next and follow the timer or don’t be afraid to grab his attention. 

*Sweet Science also offers boxing 101 classes for beginners if you want to learn the basics before jumping into a full class

Not just for ringers 

At the end of class we never felt like we were being rushed out. So when we wanted to do more abs, we did more abs. If the cardio machines are free and you want some more time on the Jacobs Ladder, David will think you’re nuts, but will let you do it. 

Keep an open mind — the workout can be identical, but the people in class can make it feel different each time. Boxing can be intimidating, bring a friend and make an experience out of it. It’s always more fun to share the experience with someone else.

Don’t be afraid to play with it, after all it is YOUR workout. David rolled with me on that and didn’t mind as long as I keep moving. And he will answer any question you want to ask. It’s easy to figure out why so many people love it so much.

You can catch Kayleigh documenting her daily fitness adventures from Tone It Up workouts, to teaching and taking classes all around Baltimore.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram, and check out her blog Sweat to Eat. [you guys so many great recipes!]

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