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The Bar Method Baltimore

The Bar Method Baltimore

Barre workouts are clearly my jam.  It's been a perfect compliment back into running.  And I certainly know a thing or two about these top Baltimore studios.

So when the lovely ladies of The Bar Method invited me to see their fresh new space in Locust Point I grabbed all the barre loving friends I could and headed over.  Their grand opening weekend was jam packed — complete with braid bar courtesy of Studio 921, specialty pressed juices from Earth Shake Baltimore and a look at what sets The Bar Method apart from the rest of the studios in town.  

Studio Space
It doesn't get anymore chic that this light and lofty space.  High ceilings with natural light pouring in from outside compliment the soft tones of white and grey that decorate the space.  The only pop of color to be seen is the brick wall behind the front desk.  

Price - $$$
At $27 for a drop in class this may be the priciest barre studio in the city.  You can buy classes in packs of 10, 20, or 30 which can bring the price down to $21 / $20 a pop but it's still not a budget workout.  They also have two membership options.  Bar Lite for $125  month which gets you 6 classes a month.  Or Bar Unlimited for $175 a month which gets you — you guessed it — unlimited classes.  Both memberships include perks like discounts on retail, friends and family discount packages, and special access to workshops and events.

Although the price is high the perks are plentiful.  Free parking, to start, is a dream for anyone who is traveling from the other side of the harbor.  Inside the studio the locker room is fully equipped with secure lockers, spa showers, toiletries and towels.  Not to mention onsite childcare — now if they could just set up a doggie daycare for those of us with only fur babies we'd be all set.   You can even grab a complimentary cup of coffee [or tea] on your way out the door.  

My experience.
Mixed level is the Bar Method's classic class - a great choice for all levels of fitness.  The hour long class gives you a low impact total body workout starting with arms, moving to lower body then ending with core.  

Call me crazy but I actually love that burn-out feeling you get from those tiny isometric contractions.  I love the squeeze, the tuck, the pulse and the burn.  However I was left feeling a bit underwhelmed by this workout.  While I do appreciate barre for it's ability to leave me feeling accomplished without breaking a sweat - it felt like we were spending more time stretching and setting up for each move than actually working out.  

I will say that their attention to detail when it comes to form was top notch.  The instructor took the time to learn everyone's name before class and would call out form adjustments.  Extra staff members were also on hand to observe form and offer corrections if necessary.  So while it may have been on the slow side for my level - if you are a barre newbie I would recommend trying out a place like The Bar Method that's going to ensure you get your form right from day one.  

Know before you go.
The Bar Method does have some dress code requirements so make sure knees, bellies, and feet are covered.  

Disclaimer:  While class was provided to me at no cost - this review was not requested or required.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own as I love sharing all aspects of the fitness community with you as honestly as possible.  

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