As a moderately experienced runner of short and endurance races, I found Sara's Get Strong Run Faster program easy to use. The program works seamlessly in adjunct with my full marathon training.  By putting strength exercises as a priority with my running, I have prevented minor tweaks and injuries that I normally get as my training season goes on. Highly recommended!


“Sara’s Get Strong Run Faster plan was great whether I was doing it before a run or just to some training in. It’s no fuss; simple because you can do whenever you have time in the day and I felt great after it. I love that Sara checks in to see how the program is working for you! This program helped me understand just how capable my body is. I recommend it!”


“I followed Sara's "Get Strong Run Faster" program as a part of my half marathon training. I love that the exercises are easy to follow and don't require a ton of time or equipment. The routines are perfect for fitting in before a run and focus on strengthening the muscles runners utilize the most. I would definitely recommend!”

-Lizzy Pepper