Before joining the 5K training program, I had trained for and run the Baltimore Women's Classic 5k. Prior to that, the only running I knew was if I was on a treadmill or if someone was chasing me. My goal was to improve my mile time and endurance for longer runs. I was never hesitant about signing up, but was a bit apprehensive about some of the hills we'd be challenging, especially the hills in Patterson Park. Through the work I did in the training program, I shaved time off my mile and felt like I could run longer. Sara was great at sending out workouts and letting us preview the routes before we ran them so we knew what to expect. I would recommend this training because we did diverse drills/warm-ups and different running routes in the city. It kept my body guessing and the various terrains (especially the hills) are important for being able to handle anything come race day. 

-Jess [Charm City Run 5k participant]

"When I decided to attempt the Goofy Challenge (39.3 miles over 2 days), I decided to enlist the help of long time friend and Sara.  Over the course of 8 months, she advised and coached me as I began to journey into the world of long distance running. I can safely say without her help I would not have had the two successful races I had.  As I continue to move onto the world of extreme distance running, I'm sure I'll be again seeking her help!"

- Jason

“Sara's obvious enthusiasm for coaching motivated me and gave me the confidence to progress and become the runner I wanted to be. I just ran an 18 mile race! I feel wonderful! Now we are working on improving my race times for shorter distances. With Sara's help, I'm going to be able to continue to take my running to the next level!"


"I had some running experience when I found Sara but it was limited.  Sara's expert guidance was just what I needed.   Working with Sara was easy as she provided me with weekly training plans customized based on my fitness level, goals and feedback from prior workouts.  I ended up reaching my goal and had chopped more than 8 minutes off my [half marathon] time in less than 6 months! can't say enough about the expert advice and support from Sara and highly recommend her."

- R.J.